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dragon festival

Located in Provence a short distance north of Orange and our
South of France villas, once a year the tiny town of Mondragon swells in size
and comes to life with its traditional Dragon Festival, or Fete du Drac. The
festivities involve the entire town, with all manner of events and
entertainment unfolding throughout the streets and squares.

This year’s event will take place on Saturday 28th
May, and is expected to be immensely popular. The Dragon Festival has been
happening in the town for over 40 years now, with the celebration revolving
around a local legendary tale.

It was said that long ago there was once a dragon who
appeared on the banks of the Rhone river, emerging once in a while to capture
unsuspecting people living in Mondragon. The festival is said to be an homage
to the dragon, in the hope that he will no longer come to haunt the people of
the town.

The festival is always a raucous one, with all kinds of
lively celebrations taking place throughout the day. During the daytime, there
is a medieval market as well as demonstrations of old trades such as
blacksmithing, taking the town back to the Middle Ages. The festivities
continue on this theme well into the night, when there is a huge procession
full of people in costumes and fancy dress, firework displays and plenty of
food, drink and dancing. Throughout the day, a model of the dragon stands tall
in the centre of the town, and is carried around as an homage by the
townspeople during the evening procession.

Image: Comite des Fetes de

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