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enjoy a show of chocolate in nice

Nice always has a full calendar of events, and one that is particularly
inviting is The Chocolat et Saveurs d’Exception trade show on between 13th and
15th of November.
A blend of modern city vibes, flavours of the old-world and beautiful
weather make Nice an appealing part of the Cote D’Azur to visit for even the
most discerning traveller.

The Chocolat et Saveurs d’Exception – Exceptional Flavours of Chocolate –
trade show brings together chocolatiers who exhibit the very best chocolate
from the region.

A delightfully greedy three-day event, the trade show is on each day between
10am-8pm in the Promenade des Anglais in Massena square.

If you’re planning a trip to Nice in the not too distant future, this trade
show is an excellent way to find some truly unique Christmas presents.

Of course, you can also pick up some delicious treats just for yourself as
there is plenty of chocolate in all its forms for visitors to enjoy.

The trade show prides itself on showcasing high quality ingredients and
foods that people normally only enjoy on special occasions.

Some of the products you’ll find on offer other than chocolate are salmon,
caviar, foie gras, truffles and bottles of champagne will be waiting for you to
indulge yourself.

This event isn’t just a place for you to purchase chocolates, as highly
regarded chocolatiers and patisserie chefs will be giving demonstrations and
talks that anyone at the trade show can attend.

Wizards of chocolate will be creating indescribable aromas, forms and shapes
and you’re urged to come along to savour chocolate like never before.

One of the highlights in this timetable of demonstrations is on Sunday 15th,
when two chocolatiers will be creating a chocolate sculpture live at the trade

Taking part in at least one day of this trade show is a different and of
course delicious way to experience Nice. Visitors will find the show
particularly enjoyable, if you have been many times before and are looking for
new things to do in the area near our Nice villas.

Tickets cost the equivalent of just under £5 and can be purchased on arrival
or from the Salon Chocolat website.

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