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enjoy the sun this september and october

Sun and warm weather lasts longer into September and October for Southern Italy and Morocco, making those beautiful locations the perfect place to head to for a holiday in the autumn. The summer holds on a little longer in these locations, but you can still see the gorgeous hues of red, gold and brown seep into the lush green scenery. 
Choosing to have a holiday in September and October can also mean a heated pool. Even when the weather is a little cooler, you should not let the pool go to waste, and a heated pool in your luxury villa can be the perfect way to spend an afternoon relaxing with the family. Several of our luxury villas in Italy, particularly in the south, have wonderful pools in a garden setting that you can spend the day in if a day exploring does not spark your fancy. 
Italy’s southern regions such as Puglia and Sicily are great locations to head to at any time of year. The days still boast blue skies and balmy weather, though the nights turn a little cooler. The food is fantastic too, and you can indulge in wonderful seasonal foods and fresh seafood. As September onwards is not seen as the peak season, there may be fewer attractions open all the time, but those that are will have fewer tourist crowds, allowing you to see the amazing historical attractions such as temples and castles at as leisurely pace. 
For those who want something a little more exotic for their holidays, Morocco is a great choice, and the autumn is a lovely time to visit. The sun is still warm; the weather still peaking at summer temperatures during the day, but like it often is in Morocco, the temperatures cool when the sun sets. Several attractions are open, and with fewer tourists, you can enjoy all of the best parts Morocco has to offer at a relaxing pace. Explore the nearby mountains, go shopping in the markets and even take a camel ride through the desert! 
If you are looking for a luxury late summer or autumn holiday in the sun, get in touch with Quality Villas to find the perfect villa for you today! 
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