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evening activities to do in sicily

The island of Sicily, off the coast of Italy’s toe, is an amazing place to visit, with incredible culture and architecture, delicious food and friendly people. With loads of attractions and activities to do throughout the day when staying at your luxury villas in Sicily, you may be interested to find out what evening activities you can do on holiday in this beautiful country. 

Watch the sunset from Mount Etna

You can take an evening walking tour from Taormina up Mount Etna, exploring the area around the fiery volcano, around 3000 metres above sea level. After finishing the walking tour, you can gaze out over the beautiful Sicilian hills as the sun goes down, before returning to Taormina to get some dinner. The tour guide will take you around the upper craters on the volcano, where you can peer into solidified rivers of lava and learn about volcanology. Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in Europe, and it is interesting to hear about its history. After the tour, watch the gorgeous sunset, as it turns the landscape gold. 
Dine at one of Palermo’s top bars
Hiring a local guide to take you around Palermo is highly recommended, and chances are, when you do, they will tell you about this multi-tasking bar, Kursaal Kalhesa. Functioning as a bar, restaurant, bookshop and concert venue, there is a lot going on here, and it will not disappoint. Located in a restored aristocratic palazzo in the Kalsa district down by the port of Palermo, Kursaal has a restaurant upstairs with Arab-tinged fusion food, and downstairs there is a wine bar, a hot spot for the cool, young locals. 
Opera and wine
Sample the tastes and sounds of Italy on a wine tasting and opera tour in Taormina. You get to visit an authentic local wine bar and learn about Sicilian wines from an expert, then stroll the streets of the city before heading to an opera to experience the beautiful sounds of the authentic Italian entertainment. At the opera, you can listen to some of the most famous duets of Italian opera repertoire, as well as some of the most well-known pieces from Mozart, Verdi and Puccini. It is an ideal way to sample a slice of Italy’s history and spend a romantic evening with your partner. 
Street food walking tour of Palermo
Italian’s take a lot of pride in their food, and that is the case from the top chefs working in Rome to the food vendors on the streets of Palermo. Walk about the beautiful city, accompanied by a guide or on your own, and explore the best culinary haunts such as Vucciria Market and Mercato di Capo. Along the way, you can stop off and see the top attractions of the city such as Piazza Pretoria and Teatro Massimo. Be sure to try out the best of Sicilian specialities, such as arancini (stuffed rice balls) and panelle (chickpea fritters). 
Sip on cocktails at Morgana Bar, Taormina
Taormina does not have a thriving nightlife, but after the daytime cafes have closed, head for the late-night cocktail bar, Morgana. With a 1960s Surrealist style décor, the cocktails are delightful, and there is a smallish dance floor if the mood takes you. Before heading to the bar, and after your dinner of fine Sicilian seafood, we recommend wandering the quiet streets, without other bustling tourists getting in your way. 
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