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explore the vendée and charente regions by alternate methods

Vendée and Charente are home to a variety of landscapes, from grand coastlines to lush farmland. When staying at our luxury French villas you and your family will love sightseeing in the local area. But why not go for some alternative methods to explore the region and try out some new things? 
Cycling in this area of France is always a good idea and a fantastic way for the whole family to take in the gorgeous scenery. You can hire bikes out, sometimes directly to your villas so you can set off from there. Cycle along the Atlantic coastal routes to see beautiful beaches, port towns, oyster farms or go along countryside routes near the Charente River which are open to everyone but motorised vehicles. 
Definitely something fun and a bit different is a Segway ride. With a group of friends, you can hire out the motorised two-wheel vehicles which are easy to ride and take a guided tour of the city of Angoulême in the Charente region. You can whip around the hilly season without getting tired and admire the incredible historical architecture and colourful street art to your heart’s content. 
Sand yachting
If you love the sea air, yet suffer too much from seasickness, why not try out land yachting on the beaches of Île d’Oléron? The wind-driven, three-wheeled vehicles are known for high speeds and give you an exciting adrenaline rush, all in the safe hands of an expert instructor. 
A pleasurable way to explore as a group is on the pedal-powered Vélorail running along old railway tracks past scenic rivers, forests and grasslands. Take turns who takes on the pedal power, and the rest can sit back and relax on a round trip through Manot and Confolens in the Charente region.
Take a boating excursion down the Charente River, canoe through the wetlands in Vendée or navigate the man-made waterways of Marais Poitevin. There is nothing better than giving your feet a rest and watching the world go by from your boat, and it also gives you a chance to get up-close to the local wildlife. The waterways of Marais Poitevin are a must see and have been nicknamed Green Venice due to the abundance of greenery which turn it into an emerald haven. 
Visitors to the Vendée will love to step outside and discover the regions gorgeous unspoilt landscape on a day’s hiking adventure. Walks at sunrise are worth getting up early for, as are the night-time excursions as the scenery is even more enchanting. 
Book your next holiday at our luxury French villas and discover all the wonderful things about this untouched and stunning area of France. 
Images by: Gilbert Bochenek
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