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exploring mont st michel

Situated just off the coast of Normandy is the iconic
landmark Mont-Saint-Michel, a beautiful island topped by a breath-taking
medieval monastery, chosen as the starting point for this year?s Tour de
France. As the island is just a kilometre from Normandy?s shores at its
closest, there are several ways that you can explore this fascinating location,
its history dating back over a thousand years.

Take a walk across the bay

What better way to take in the surrounding scenery at your
own pace than to enjoy the walk across the bay from the mainland? You can also
learn more about the Mount and the area with organised walking tours, such as
the one run by Chemins de la Baie, who will offer you a host of detailed local
knowledge as well as a walking route which follows the route of Normandy?s
pilgrim ancestors ? a two-hour trek through the sands and currents of the sea.

Take to the water and paddle across in a sea-kayak

For the more adventurous, you can explore the surrounding
shores of Mont-Saint-Michel by sea-kayak. At higher tide, beginners and
families can take in the landscapes with shorter trips around the pretty
beaches and cliffs, while the more experiences can also paddle across the bay
to the island of Tombelaine.

Ride on horseback

There?s plenty of ways to explore the mount on horseback ?
explore the salt marshes, enjoy a trot towards the mount, or cross the bay via
Tombelaine, if you?re a more experienced rider.

Fly in a microlight

Take in the stunning views from above with a flight aboard a
microlight or gyrocopter. With a birds-eye view, you can discover so much more
about the island, such as how the mount has transformed since the removal of
the old causeway, the emerging salt marshes and some truly spectacular views of
the bay.

Enjoy the view from above by hot-air balloon

Taking a hot-air balloon flight over the island as dawn
breaks is truly one of the most magical ways to experience Mont-Saint-Michel,
as you soak up the spectacular views of the monastery and the surrounding bay
while gently soaring through the air. One-hour flights are offered by Bretagne
Montgolfieres, with take-off points varying depending on wind direction.

Get in the know with a local tour

With a local tour, you?ll not only see the island from a
tourist?s point of view, but also learn all about the ins and outs of the
mount. Discover the incredible secrets of the monastery, from what lies within
the abbey?s rooms to the depths of the crypts and cells, taking you on a
journey through the mount’s 1300 year-long history.

If you?d like to explore the fascinating location of
Mont-Saint-Michel, we have an excellent selection of hand-picked villas in
, each in a great location and ideal for not only visiting the island
but also a host of other great attractions in the region.

Image: Alejandro
, available under Creative Commons

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