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family-friendly activities in tuscany

As half term is
fading slowly into the past and many of us are looking forward to the summer
break, now is the ideal time to plan that perfect family holiday. When
travelling with the whole family, you will need to make sure there is plenty to
do, to ensure that everyone is entertained and having a great time.

Tuscany is seen
as a sought-after destination, with it being such a beautiful part of Italy. It
can also be seen a romantic destination, but in fact it can be the perfect
destination for that family holiday you have been searching for. With so much
to do and see, there is plenty to suit all ages, and to also make it a holiday
to remember. Don’t forget that we have a beautiful range of family friendly luxury
Tuscany villas
, to ensure your visit to this spectacular region, is well

Your villa

When travelling
with your family, staying in a villa can be the best way to enjoy the trip.
When staying in a hotel or apartment, you don’t tend to have much room.
However, when you have a private villa to enjoy, you can really enjoy your
accommodation as well as keeping everyone happy; especially if there is a
private pool.

Caves in Tuscany

Tuscany there are some spectacular underground caves, with stalagmites,
stalactites and even underground waterfalls and lakes. Throughout these caves,
many various artefacts have been found; including animal and human remains. You
can take a guided tour through the cave systems where you can see a wide range
of plants and animals, as well as the beautiful cave structures.


If you want to
bring a little piece of Italy back with you, take a cooking class which the
whole family can enjoy. It will be the perfect activity to get the whole family
involved, and is also a great way to taste some authentic Italian food.

Why not make your
own ice cream in Castellina? Visit Simone’s shop and explore the mystery behind
great tasting ice cream. Just pop into his shop in the heart of Castellina, it
won’t disappoint!

Want to see how
cheese is made and have a go at it yourself? In Cugusi you most certainly can.
Because of its open landscapes, which are perfect for animal grazing, this area
is famous for its Pecorino cheese.


ACQUA village
water parks which are located in Cecina and Follonica, are the perfect family
day out. This attraction is suitable for all ages, and of course great fun. The
admission price allows you to stay all day, so pack a picnic and your swimwear,
and enjoy a fun-filled day.

Museo d’arte per bambini

Inside the huge Santa
Maria della Scala Museum Complex, in front of the Siena Cathedral, there is an
art museum for children. Founded in 1998, its mission is to create a space that
invites in a younger audience so that they can become familiar with art.

Cavallino Matto

Caballino Matto
is an amusement park with a variety of rides and hosts a number of magic and
water shows throughout the day. There are picnic areas, as well as restaurants
to enjoy, and tonnes of rides for all ages.

When your
children are fast asleep, why not have a romantic meal with just the two of
you? Our villas come with fully equipped kitchens, which are perfect for
cooking up a traditional Italian meal for both of you to enjoy. Sit on your
patio whilst drinking your favourite glass of wine, and truly relax after a
busy day, sounds idyllic, right?

Image credit: Thomas Fabian under
Creative Commons

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