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family-friendly days out in pisa

Pisa is one of Italy’s most famous cities and every year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. While this vibrant metropolis is often viewed as the perfect place for couples in search of a romantic getaway, it is also a fantastic holiday destination for families. From an exciting climb up the world-famous leaning tower to a glorious boat ride down the Arno River, there are a plethora of fun-filled activities for those with little ones to enjoy in this wonderful city. Below, we’ve listed just a few that make for the best family-friendly days out in Pisa:


Explore the Tower and Grounds

Although the leaning tower is one of Pisa’s most popular and therefore busiest attractions, this architectural blunder is certainly worth a visit with the children. Kids of all ages will no doubt enjoy a climb to the top of this unique structure to see the surrounding cityscape but must be aged 8 or over to take the hike. For those with younger children, a stroll around the surrounding grounds and square in the warming sunshine is just as enjoyable, especially with a gelato or two to help you all cool down!

 The leaning tower of Pisa against a blue sky

Climb the City Walls’ Medieval Tower

Completed in 1161, Pisa’s walls are the oldest in Italy; consequently, these archaic structures make for a great day of exploring with the family. If you have infants that are too young for the leaning tower, a climb up the walls’ medieval tower is a great substitute and makes for a novel activity, where little ones can enjoy looking out over the city and spotting surrounding buildings. Alternatively, a relaxing saunter along the walls’ path will lead you to each of the city’s ancient gates, Porta Nuova, Porta a Lucca, Porte San Zeno and Porta Calcesana.

A path leading along Pisa's walls under a cloudy sky 

Relax in the Park

The Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli National Park is one of the most naturally-preserved areas in Pisa and stretches from the edge of the city all the way to the equally stunning coastline. A picnic in the park is always a great activity for families; savour an Italian feast and take the opportunity to relax for a few hours, basking in the sunshine or enjoying a good book while the kids let off some steam. With dense pine forests, lush green grass and long woodland paths, your little ones are sure to find endless entertainment in this natural haven.

 A lady sitting in a park reading a book and wearing sunglasses

Sail down the Arno River

While exploring the city by foot is the simplest way to get around, it can often be tiring for infants, especially in the heat of the day. As such, a boat ride is an alternative and novel way to venture across Pisa and view the city from a different perspective. There are boat rides available from several spots along the river, but wherever you catch one from, you will always be treated to full a loop of the city. During your ride, take a moment to gaze at all the beautiful ancient buildings that line the river bank; from mustard-coloured mansions to pretty pastel houses, centuries-old churches to quaint little cafes, there’s plenty to see as you sail.

 The Arno River in Pisa lined with buildings

Visit Viareggio

If you’d like a break from the city, a visit to the beaches of Viareggio makes for a great family day out. With 10km of glistening golden sands, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to relax; spend the day sunbathing under warm rays, building sandcastles with the little ones or frolicking in the waves until sunset. Alternatively, enjoy a stroll along the jetty and take in the gorgeous coastal views that encompass this idyllic location until you’re ready to return to your urban home.

A sandcastle on a beach with a family in the water behind it 

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