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family-friendly restaurants in marseille

Few go on holiday without thinking about all the incredible food they get to try, but when it comes to a family dinner, sometimes things can become tricky. We all have different preferences and tastes when it comes to food, and this extends to our little ones too. It’s also important to find an environment that welcomes children and family, so you will all feel comfortable and at home.

Marseille is a popular holiday destination for many reasons, and one is absolutely their food. Take a look at our suggestions for the most delicious dinners the whole family can enjoy.

Café Bovo

Café Bovo is said to offer a very welcoming atmosphere, along with an outstanding, well-cooked menu that everyone is sure to get on with. There is a wide range of cuisine available to try, from French and gastropub to fresh seafood, and for those who are unsure what to choose, the waiters and waitresses are there to recommend the finest picks.

This place really is one for the foodies and those who like to taste new things. The chef is really involved with the whole experience, and it is said that forks often get passed back and forth so everyone can sample the creations.

Hailed for its emotional warmth, this café will be the perfect for any family who take their food and their company seriously!

A picture of oysters

Le Quai de la Galiote

Child-friendly with an adult feel, Le Quai de le Galiote offers the best of both worlds when dining here. They are proud to use the freshest ingredients and offer an eclectic menu. Wood-fired ovens are used for pizzas and also regional specialities such as fresh meat and fish. There are also vegetarian and vegan options, impressive portions, and homemade desserts!

This smart and chic restaurant is nestled in the Old Port of Marseille and offers beautiful views over the port in the warmer weather.  

a picture of pizza in a wood fired oven

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Sri Ganesh

For Indian food lovers, Sri Ganesh is the hot spot to be. Family-friendly and offering vegetarian and vegan options, this restaurant is a great option for those dining on a family holiday.

Sri Ganesh boasts over 20 years of success as a family run restaurant, offering you the finest authentic dishes which are acclaimed to remain faithful to the cuisine of India. To achieve this, they use the freshest ingredients, and even import their spices directly from India.

a picture of an indian food spread with veg and wine

Restaurant le Marseillais

This is a seafood lover’s haven! Restaurant le Marseillais is a family-friendly establishment that prides themselves in the freshest delicious seafood. When it comes to children, seafood can seem a little too adventurous, so Restaurant le Marseillais will go the extra mile to make sure everyone is comfortable, and children can opt for a home favourite such as cheesy pasta instead.

Shared plates are encouraged so everyone can give a different dish a try, and this restaurant is also not light-handed with the limoncello as an after-dinner treat!

A platter of fresh seafood, fish shrimp and octopus

Tapas Rojas

As the name would suggest, Tapas Rojas offers tapas style dining for all the family. With Mediterranean, Spanish and European cuisine to choose from, mixing and matching is also a great option here.

The restaurant offers a casual-chic vibe and also has a very friendly environment, with the owner greeting and meeting their customers regularly.

For fresh and flavourful tapas, this is the place to visit!

La Grivoise

Offering a varied mix of cuisine, La Grivoise has French, European and Portuguese cuisine on their menu served down a small, winding alleyway of Marseille. La Grivoise is unassuming in appearance, tucked away in the walls of the street, but inside is a place of exceptional service and a kitchen that is open until midnight, so you don’t feel rushed.

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