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5 family-friendly restaurants in st tropez

St Tropez is a luxurious resort in the South of France and people from all over the world head to this beautiful region for sun, sand and sea, alongside a taste of the glamorous lifestyle led by those who reside there. That said, it’s also a fantastic destination for a family getaway, with a range of things to see and do that children of all ages are sure to enjoy. For inspiration on just some of the many child-friendly activities, check out our recent blog Child-friendly Activities in St Tropez. Although there’s no denying that many frequent the pretty seaside town to check out the renowned nightlife, there is also many fine establishments serving delicious French cuisine that are suitable for families with young children. Read on to check out just five of our favourites in and around the town.

St Tropez harbour

Le Sporting

Within the quaint fishing port of St Tropez, it’s difficult to find a no-frills, chilled-out eatery where families can relax, and kids can be kids. Le Sporting is a rare exception, and although, as the name suggests, it has sports on throughout the day, the friendly atmosphere is nothing like the rowdy European sports bars you might be imagining. It’s often said that you can tell how good a place is by how many locals are in there, and rest assured that there’s no shortage of friendly locals who are all too willing to engage in conversation. Like most French menus, there’s still a sophisticated range of dishes to choose from without the usual eye-watering prices that can be expected in the centre of St Tropez, making it the perfect option for a laid-back lunch.

Restaurant Le G

A hidden gem nestled amidst the narrow, winding streets of St Tropez, this pint-sized restaurant is not to be missed during your time in here. There’s a small number of tables, which only adds to its exclusivity, although you can expect to queue as word is getting around about the quality of their dishes. The menu is driven from fresh, market ingredients and varies depending on the catch of the day, which is indicative of the creative, talented chefs that work from the open-plan kitchen. Highly-skilled staff take care of you from the moment you enter the establishment right up until you leave, and their enthusiasm makes for the perfect dining experience.

Clandestino Saint Tropez

This fantastic Italian restaurant is one of the highest rated in St Tropez, and as those who have visited can attest, it’s not difficult to see why. The friendly Italian waiters offer a premium dining experience from start to finish and service with a smile is all-but guaranteed. The food itself is everything you might expect from a family-owned Italian and then some, with delicious pastas, pizzas and salads available in abundance. The children’s menu is varied and offers plenty of alternatives for even the fussiest of eaters. Booking is not always required for lunchtimes but recommended to avoid disappointment.

St Tropez

L’Adresse Marocaine

A Moroccan-inspired venue with a fun, friendly vibe, this restaurant is the perfect place for a family night out. Authentic, delicious food is available in abundance and its famous couscous has to be tasted to be believed. All of the meals are served in generous portions, each as tasty as the next and the variety available means you may find yourself visiting more than once during your holiday. The couple that own this restaurant go above and beyond to make you feel at home whilst dining and even young children are welcomed with open arms. Be sure to check it out during your time in St Tropez and see what all the fuss is about for yourself!


Once you have dined in any of the fantastic restaurants above, carry on the night with a special treat and try out the notorious gelato served at Barbarac. Frequently described as the best ice cream on the French Riviera, the parlour is located in the heart of the town and can usually be identified by the hordes of people outside. Rumour has it that the Princess of Tunisia will fly all the way to St Tropez just for dessert from this establishment and, well, if its fit for a royal! Children will be delighted at the wide range of flavours available and narrowing down their choices will probably be one of the hardest decisions they have to make all holiday!

That concludes our list of five favourite family-friendly restaurants. We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the many establishments suitable for children of all ages and that it has provided some inspiration for eating out during your next holiday in one of our holiday villas in the French Riviera.

Do you have any other recommendations for dining with children in St Tropez? Let us and other travellers know via the comments on social media and help others to have the same fantastic experience as you!




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