Top tips for travelling with your family in France

24th November, 2015
While it can be incredibly fun, going on holiday with your family can be quite different to travelling as a couple, as there are so many more things you?ll need to take into consideration. Whether you choose to retreat somewhere more rural and laidback such as in our villas in Languedoc, or take to some of the wonderful cities France has to offer such as Cannes and Nice, here?s our tips for the best family getaway.

Be prepared to get lost

The best way to really get to know a place is to truly get lost in it, and your children will also enjoy not having to stick to a set route or follow a set itinerary. By taking yourselves off the beaten track, you?ll also discover some of the most unexpected things and find out what life is really like as a local.

Ask locals for recommendations

Some of the best recommendations for things to do and places to see come from the people who live in the place themselves, who will have first-hand experience in what?s worth seeing and what isn?t. If you?d like to find out about some of the places worth visiting before you head out, check out our blog for some great travel guides and recommendations.

Feel free to take a nap

After a morning of walking around in the sun, kids, especially little ones, can get tired easily, so it?s always a good idea to recharge your batteries with an early afternoon nap. Following your nap, the air will be a lot cooler, perfect for a bit of evening sightseeing and an al fresco dinner.

One or two days isn?t always enough to see a place

With just one or two days in one place, you will just end up rushing through the main tourist sites without having the chance to relax and really take in your surroundings. Four to five days in a city or a region is recommended, meaning you?ll be able to truly get to know your area and fit in everything you?ve planned to do.

Make sure you have some relaxation days

Sometimes your family may need a longer break than just an afternoon nap. Thankfully France has plenty to offer in terms of relaxation, from leafy green parks and forests to beaches to lounge on.