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famous photographers exhibit their work at french photo festival | qv

Since 2004, the commune of Morbihan, named after the enclosed sea, in Brittany has provided the perfect backdrop for Festival Photo La Gacilly. The largest outdoor exhibition of its kind, the festival has boasted over two million visitors to its site since its conception. 
Each year, the open-air gallery is centred around a theme, with each of the incredible, captivating photography reflecting that. With this year’s dual themes of Africa and the animal-human relationship, photographers had the choice to pic??? either before adding their own personal flair and stylistic capabilities to their pictures. 
One walk around the exhibition will take your breath away, with each of the world-class, extraordinary photographs that are on display providing a narrative to match the festivals themes. One of Festival Photo La Gacilly’s 
principle purposes is to highlight the ethical and humanist issues, as well as the strong sustainable development element that is made apparent whilst walking around the outdoor festival. 
Although entrance is free of charge, the photography that is on display is of an exceptional standard featuring some of the world’s best photographers. With the outdoor exhibition aiming to educate people and to pique their interest in the arts, the medium of photography has been used to provoke thoughts in an accessible way. The topics that have arisen out of the festival, such as the connection between animals and humans often touch on delicate subjects but have been translated in a way that every visitor who attends the festival will understand.   
Festival Photo La Gacilly would have been foolish to not include the fantastic work of Seydou Keïta under the Africa theme at this year’s event due to the fact he is largely regarded as the father of African photography. It may be obvious from his photo on display at the festival, and how effortlessly he has seemed to capture his subject, but Keïta is well known for his portraiture, most notably of the families that he took during the 1960’s.  
The bright colours in Aïda Muluneh’s photography contrast brilliantly with the monochromatic images that make up the vast majority of the Africa theme’s images. Born in Ethiopia, Muluneh has previously claimed to have struggled with the processing of coloured images, stating that “truth is either black or white. Human elements are exhibited though it. Black and white is the foundation. Color is tricky. But whatever I use, my focus is capturing light”, although you would struggle to believe this in her incredibly eye-catching pieces.
The theme of man – animal: the face-to-face has been so beautifully captured in Tim Flach’s work. A London native, his touching work captures animals in positions stereotypical to humans, which is perhaps what makes them so endearing. Full of charm, the highly conceptual images that Flach produces are the perfect addition to Festival Photo La Gacilly’s gallery and are sure to capture your attention.
It may come as a surprise that Manon Lanjouère is part of the up-and-coming section of photographers at the festival as her works are simple, clean and divine. Her collection of photographs that can be seen at the festival is a pleasant contrast to what has been displayed under the previous themes. The aesthetically pleasing clarity is complemented by her use of white which, against the lush greenery of Brittany, offsets the images perfectly.
Of course, attempting to integrate itself into the surrounding landscape of the commune is a difficult feat, but the organisers behind Festival Photo La Gacilly have successfully managed to do so. The photographs have been incorporated into the backdrop of many of Brittany’s parks, mazes and flowery streets – all in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. 
With the festival taking over the entirety of Morbihan, it is open 24 hours a day. This access means that you’re free to wander the streets whenever you wish, and allows you to view the images at your own pace. This makes it perfect either for a day out or for something to take up an afternoon of your time! So spend an afternoon wandering through the lush greenery of the Brittany countryside over the duration of the festival and gaze at the large format photographs that will scatter your journey!
Why not consider visiting the open-air gallery whilst it’s still open? The 2017 instalment of Festival Photo La Cacilly is open until September 30th, so now is the perfect time to think about exploring the wonderful art that is on display! We have some amazing luxury villas France that are the perfect place to return to after your day out, so take a look and see for yourself.
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