Join Brittany for a week-long celebration of the French region

29th April, 2016
Each year, the popular French region of Brittany hosts a special festival, the Fete de la Bretagne (Festival of Brittany), celebrating everything the Breton way of life is all about. Over the course of two weekends, May 14-15 and May 21-22, cities, towns and villages throughout Brittany and beyond honour their history, heritage and traditions with over 300 events, many of which are completely free and open to the public.

The festival is held every year to celebrate St Yves Day, which falls on May 19, and is celebrated not only in Brittany but also in other locations such as Paris, Toulouse, and even as far away as Beijing and New York City.

Attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, the festival offers the perfect insight into all aspects of Breton life. Events held across the two weekends include concerts, food fairs, historic walks, lectures, guided hikes, workshops, markets, street entertainment, art exhibitions and much, much more.

During the Fete de la Bretagne, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about the region’s history, its natural scenery, its traditions, its customs and of course its famed gastronomy, which you’re bound to have a taste of. Flyers and banners will be displayed throughout Brittany’s towns and cities detailing what’s going on locally, so keep an eye out for any events happening near our Brittany villas.

Image: Andres Nieto Porras, available under Creative Commons