Sample Languedoc-Roussillonís finest wines at Montpellierís Fete des Vignes

15th November, 2016
Over the weekend of November 25-27, wine lovers will come together with local producers and experts in one of Montpellierís most popular wine events, the Fete des Vignes. If youíre staying at our villas in Languedoc this November, this event may well be worth visiting.

A popular wine region in France, Languedoc-Roussillon is home to several wine festivals, with many of them hosted in its capital of Montpellier. This year the Fete des Vignes will be in its 13th year, demonstrating the popularity of these events regardless of the time of year.

This yearís Fete des Vignes will be hosted in the lovely green setting of the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, one of the cityís central parks, across the Friday and Saturday. Across the Esplanade, there will be a number of producer stands and tasting workshops encouraging you to taste a variety of locally produced wines and learn more about how they are made. Many of the wine bars will also be accompanied by stalls serving charcuterie and cheese platters, offering an education into the perfect wine pairings and the best foods to enjoy with a glass of wine.

Visitors can join in with the festivities for as little as three euros, which gets you a glass as well as three tokens used in exchange for wine tastings. This is excellent value for money, as much of the proceeds are donated to local charities. If you discover a wine you like, youíll also be able to purchase a bottle of it on the spot. On the Sunday, the participating estates invite visitors to their cellars for a more immersive experience, and you can also receive an additional free bottle of wine if you buy six.

Image: Dave Dugdale, available under Creative Commons