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fete du citron

From February 13th to March 2nd, the
French Riviera town of Menton comes to life and transforms into the ?City of
Lemons? during its famous annual event, the Fête du Citron or Lemon Festival,
now in its 83rd edition.

Over the years, Menton has become synonymous with the citrus
fruits thanks to the festival and other local traditions, with the symbol now
having been adopted as the town?s official symbol. 

Every year, over 200,000 visitors from around the world
flock to Menton for the festival, which becomes home to over 145 tonnes of
citrus fruit, including not only lemons but also tangerines, blood oranges,
grapefruit, limes and kumquats among others. The fruit is made into gigantic
spectacular sculptures which can be found throughout the town, bringing a new
dimension of colour to the streets with bright yellows and oranges.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Parade of
Golden Fruit, or the Promenade du Soleil, where a procession of cars and people
parade towards the sea in a fanfare of costumes, drumming, fanfare and
confetti, with oranges and lemons given out in abundance to the crowds of
spectators. By night, the festival celebrates the Moonlit Parade, with
fireworks and celebrations galore as night falls, and at Jardins Biovès, the
displays of fruit are lit up creating a dazzling scene of light and colour.

Each year, the festival also has its own theme, with this
year?s theme being Cinecitta, celebrating the famous studios recognised as the
hub of Italian cinema.

If you?re looking for something new to do on your French
chateau holidays
, visiting the Fête du Citron is a great way to get involved
with a long-standing French tradition as well as seeing a new side to the
French Riviera.

Image: Saskia Heijtjes,
available under Creative Commons

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