Find Out The Five Best Beaches in Italy

07th July, 2017
When you first think of Italy, the first thing that springs to mind is often the spectacular architecture, intriguing restaurants, delicious cuisine, crisp wine and traditional Italian towns. However, something which is often overlooked is the beaches, and these are some of the most beautiful ones in the world.  

We have put together a list of some of our favourite and beautiful beaches which can be found throughout Italy.

Forno, Elba, Tuscany  

There are over seventy beaches on Elba, and that is not counting the many bays and inlets which are only reachable from the sea, and each one of them is different in its colours and surroundings. Whether surrounded by steep cliffs or immersed in wild flora, whether they are easy to reach and well-equipped with all amenities or wild and deserted, they are all special.

Because of the range of beaches, you can choose a different one every day. From the golden sand of the Cottoncello and the long white beaches at Capo Bianco, to the red sands of the mineral mining area, and the streaky granite beaches and black pebbles of the Tombe, that is one of the most beautiful beaches reachable by foot from the coast at Fetovaia.    

Cefalý, Sicily

Cefalu is packed with beaches which curve around a beautiful section of the coast. There are so many gems that these beaches have to offer, never mind the sight of them itself. Lungomare is 1.5km of sandy beach. During the months of July and August, this beach becomes very crowded during the weekend, and is ideal for families because of the safe, shallow water.

The Mazzaforno beach is approximately 3km west from Cefalu and has many smaller beaches that alternate with the surrounding rocks. This allows the beaches to be accessible through many different paths. At the main beach, there are bathing establishments and bars, which is ideal for couples or adults in general, and is has beautiful sand. Our range of
luxury villas in Sicily are also within close proximity.

Amalfi Coast  

The Amalfi Coast is breath-taking with its jagged cliffs, blossoming flowers, and stretches of beautiful coastline. Erosion has destroyed many of the beach areas in this region leaving small private beaches at hotels and beach clubs.

Positano has been a welcome beach retreat since the days of Roman nobility and even the ancient Greeks. There are two public beaches which are the more secluded Fornillo beach and the main beach centre at Spiaggia Grande.

Torre Guaceto, Brindisi

 Torre Guaceto is a protected marine area nestled into a nature reserve and has a huge sandy stretch surrounded by marshes, olive trees and sand dunes. Right next door youíve got a beautiful 16th-century tower and museum for when you need to take a break from the beach, while the nature reserve has wonderful pathways for cycling and walking. There are also some fantastic coral reefs in this area, making it popular for snorkelling. Located in the Brindisi province, Torre Guaceto is 25 minutesí drive from picturesque Ostuni.  

Porto Campana, Sardinia  

Three miles of golden sand make up the Campana beachfront, and within that area, you will find something to suit every type of beachgoer. There are rental kiosks to try your hand at surfing, kiteboarding, or paddleboarding; relax on a rented lounger with a cocktail or sign up for a scuba session with a local outfitter; or admire Campanaís dunes, where some are as high as 65 feet.