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five beautiful buildings on the amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast is the most charming coastal town, a tourist and holiday maker hot spot for many reasons! People head there to sample the glorious food, walk amongst stunning flora and fauna, and enjoy the most gorgeous weather. But did you know that the buildings dotted around the Amalfi coast are another fantastic reason to visit? Read our guide to find out which buildings you should definitely go and experience.

Positano Village

Visiting Positano is a very unique experience. Rather than one building, Positano has a whole town of absolutely stunning houses that are worth the trip themselves. This beautiful village is home to clutters of delicate blush pink and pastel peach coloured houses, with small, winding streets connecting them all. This picturesque town boasts outstanding views because of its positioning on the edge of cliff, and the thousands of tiny stairs will guide you right down to the bottom where the stunning sea rests.

Luna Convento Hotel

Luna Convento is a magical boutique hotel and a wonderful feature of the Amalfi Coast. The building was originally an old Franciscan monastery in the thirteenth century, then an inn, before being restored and being converted into this historical hotel. The hotel itself has been managed continuously by five generations of the Barbaro family, a patrician family of Venice.

This hotel boasts two artistic panels which were created by Angelo Tajani, with his contribution being based on historical research, and his brother Claudio Tajani was responsible for the stunning mixture of graphics, poems, and photographs that illustrated the path of tourism throughout centuries to this day. This majestic building offers a sea view from every room and is truly something to behold.  

Palazzo Mezzacapo – Majori

The Palazzo Mezzacapo is an incredible old palace which was originally erected in the 1700’s. It is, impressively, still looked after to this day. It is admission free, so there is no excuse not to go and marvel in and around it! This palace is in the heart of Maiori town, a lively town on the Amalfi Coast, and is surrounded by the most fragrant and well-manicured gardens, which include magical fountains. The underground vaults are completely submerged in water, which gives the palace such an enchanting and unique vibe, perfect if you want to see something a little different and magical!

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Villa Rufolo – Ravello

Villa Rufolo was originally built by a wealthy merchant family in the thirteenth century, which assigns it quite the history! The villa has even had its own story written about it and its owner, in a book titled Decameron. This was written by one of the earliest authors of the Italian Renaissance, Boccaicco, publishing in 1353!

This villa has been home to some incredible experiences. In the fourteenth century, the Rufolo family hosted banquets for King Robert ll of Naples and also other Norman royalty. It was also considered one of the largest and most expensive villas on the Amalfi Coast in its prime.

You can participate in a guided tour around the public access parts of Villa Rufolo, but only with reservation!

A picture of Rufolo with sea and mountains

Villa dei Misteri

The Villa dei Misteri (The Villa of Mysteries) is an amazing well-preserved villa that sits just outside of Pompei, home to some remarkable treasures such as rare examples of ancient Roman paintings.

Interestingly, this building was originally buried under hundreds of feet of ash and other volcanic matter when the famous eruption of Mt Vesuvius happened in 79 AD, destroying Pompei and neighbouring towns.
Amazingly, Villa dei Misteri itself remained intact and largely undamaged, including the ancient art that also remained remarkably intact.

The art in the Villa dei Misteri is hailed as the home to these remaining examples of ancient roman paintings which are among few, making this a unique and worthwhile visit.

Here at Quality Villas, we know how incredible buildings can be, which is why we offer luxury villas on the Amalfi Coast to make your holiday really special.

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