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flowers to look for in tuscany this summer

Tuscany is well renowned for its incredible scenery. Plunging, lush hills surround the towns all through the seasons, boasting earthy colours, and when spring rolls in, blooms take over the panoramic views.

There is plenty to look out for on long walks or relaxing in the garden. Here are some of the flowers you might be lucky enough to spot during your visit.

Maremma’s Sunflowers

Maremma’s sunflowers are a prominent part of Tuscan identity. They originated in America but really settled their roots down in Italy, creating a somewhat iconic symbol of Tuscany.

These gorgeous flowers are long in the stem, and on top sits a saucer-sized flower made up of elegant golden leaves.

Sunflowers in Tuscany begin their bloom from around June until the start of August, so there is plenty of time to spot them. They are commonly seen saturating valleys, in areas such as Val d’Orcia, and they make a magical view.

They can also be found by the coast in Tuscany, where you can mix and match between stretches of golden sands or stretches of golden sunflower fields.


Roses are such a classic favourite all over the world, and for a good reason. This stunning flower has over 150 species, over 1,000 varieties, and can be found in nearly every colour and shape. They also smell divine and are used in an array of health and beauty products because of their soothing qualities.

Did you know that roses were originally used in Tuscan vineyards, to keep insects and other animal intruders off the grapes?
Vibrant roses grow on the end of the rows, and while in the modern ages aren’t used so much anymore as a grape protector, they still omit a stunning beauty that vineyards in Tuscany just cannot part with.

Let’s not forget the wonderful ‘Rose Garden’ you can explore during your visit.

Take a short trip into Florence to visit The Rose Garden, created by Giuseppe Poggi in 1865. This garden is home to an impressive selection of roses, over 350 different varieties are displayed proudly in their peak blooming season, which is May.


Wild poppies are a staple to the Tuscan landscape. They start to bloom after April showers. April is notably one of Tuscany’s most rainy months, which makes sense as to why so many blooms come into fruition shortly after.  These stunning red flowers, with delicate leaves and a dark centre, take over valleys all over Tuscany.

A field of red poppies with a blue sky in the background


This fascinating flower has over a whopping 25,000 – 30,000 species and they are said to be the largest family of plants in the entire world. Forty of these lucky species have Tuscany as their native home. One of the most common orchids in Tuscany is Ophrys speculum. It is also the easiest to recognise out of the native Tuscan orchids, so if you are a flower spotting novice, this one is for you! These unusual-looking flowers are famous for their resemblance to insects! The Ophrys speculum is found around the bog areas of Tuscany, but depending on the species, can also be found in valleys and fields of Chanti.


The Iris Garden in Tuscany is right next to The Rose Garden and is definitely worth a visit. Feast your eyes on all kinds of iris’s in amazing colours and patterns, and enjoy the stunning, panoramic views of Florence amongst all the floral beauty.

The iris has been a proud symbol of Florence since 1251 and this garden in particular was founded by Italian Iris Society. The garden is only open one month a year between April and May, so be sure not to miss it!

Flowers that bloom in Tuscany are a big part of what makes visiting so magical. There truly is nothing quite like it. If you want to experience the flora in style, browse through our Luxury holiday villas in Tuscany, for a truly stunning stay.

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