France remains king of fine wine production

19th April, 2016
The global wine market grew by nearly 11% last year, with China drinking more and also producing more wine, according to figures from the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV).

France currently ranks third in terms of volume of exports with 14 million hectolitres, but tops the list for value of market shares. In a market worth €28.3 billion in 2015, France exported a total of 29% of the market share value, equivalent to €8.2 billion.

The people of France also enjoy sampling their fine wines, amongst others, having consumed 27.2 million hectolitres of wine in 2015. They were only beaten by the Americans, who consumed 31 million hectolitres.

In terms of consumption, five countries consumed half of the world’s wine last year: The US (31%), France (11%), Germany (9%), Italy (9%) and China (7%).

It’s clear to see that France is taking the “quality over quantity” approach to their wine production, and we most certainly agree that they are doing a great job of producing market leaders in fine wine. Why not take a look at joining us in one of our Brittany villas with a pool, and relax waterside with a glass in your hand?