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france’s hidden gem

has a comfortable, shabby-chic charm and these are seen as its greatest assets. There is a lot of excitement in this region, as well as tonnes of variety. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at these three things which makes Languedoc the perfect holiday destination.


Languedoc is famous for its great wine, making it the perfect place to explore for all wine enthusiasts. In this region, the vineyards are often referred to as ‘patchwork’ because there are so many different varieties of grape which are grown together; this is because most of the wine producers in the region like to make blends rather than single varieties. What
better way to enjoy a local glass of rich red wine, than relaxing in one of our
villas in Languedoc


The Languedoc
region has a lively yet traditional culture and this is reflected in many
festivals and carnivals that take place throughout the year. There is a
thriving art scene which can be found and seen throughout Languedoc. France is
renowned for its culture, and Languedoc is no different, full of architecture and
history; there are many fantastic sights to see.

The Pont Du Gard is a breath-taking piece of Roman architecture which is located just north of Nimes. Unfortunately, the original aqueduct collapsed after an earthquake but has
since been re-built.

The Canal du Midi
is a canal which runs from Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea, you can take a
relaxing boat ride or cycle along the canal path as you pass underneath walls
and historic bridges of this tree-lined canal. When you first lay your eyes on
this magnificent waterway, you will fall in love instantly. 


Languedoc is full of rustic charm and this shines through the scenery. Lying right on the Mediterranean coast, Languedoc is one of the most scenic places in the world. The region is split into three three natural zones, which you can explore:

Pyrenees and the south,
including mountains and coastline.

– Central Languedoc-Roussillon
with medieval Carcassonne and the cathar country.
– Beautiful scenery of northern
Languedoc and the National Parc des Cevennes in Gard and Lozère.

Languedoc is a truly beautiful region that should be at the top of your list of places to visit in 2017.

Image credit: miquitos under Creative

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