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france using rosé to come out on top for inter-country wine supremacy

French winemakers have revealed a powerful weapon in their
arsenal to help overcome the new condescension in regards to wine on the global
market, after Italy vaulted the French in the overall production rankings, and
that weapon is none other than rosé.

The Italians are now sitting at number one in the world
ranking of global production for wine, data from the International Organisation
of Vine and Wine (OIV), states. However, worldwide sales of French blush wine
have grown by nearly a third in just a decade, which has been driven by the
skyrocketing demand from the United States, where imports of rosé from the
Provence region realised a significant 58% in 2015, the Provence Wine Council
(CIVP) cited.

Worldwide rosé production grew just 15% between 2002 and 2013
and winegrowers in France identified the trend, and were able to boost their
output by 31% in the same period, according to the CIVP.


French rosés are firmly connected with the southern Provence
region where the grapes, climate and soils are just right for rosé which makes
up the majority of the region’s overall viticulture.


Provencal rosé has additionally seen a hike by the
“Jolie-Pitt” effect after actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
acquired the Chateau de Miraval that featured a vineyard capable of producing
the rosé named “Pink Floyd”.

Experts say that producing a top rosé is a form of art that
requires the greatest level of precision. This can be backed up by the fact
that in 1999 a rosé research centre was unveiled at Vidaudan in the Var in
order to seek out wine of “optimal quality”.


Rosés are produced through the harvesting of red grape
varieties via a short maceration period. The direct pressing technique can
sometimes be used as well, once grape skins have been stripped or punctured
prior to juice being sent for fermentation.

The saignee or “bled” process is a way of bleeding
the juice off from nascent reds and placing it in a separate vat.


Philippe Faure-Brac, voted the world’s best sommelier in
1992 said of rosé: “You have to be able to get up at the dead of night (to
check on the brew’s progress) — it’s a little like the ultra-precise cooking
of a grand chef,” so it’s certainly no easy feat.

Faure-Brac added that: “technical mastery and a seductive
image will continue to fuel the booming appeal of rosés which are ‘much less
intimidating than whites or reds’.”


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