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french choc classics

Ever since chocolate was first introduced to France from
Spain in the early 17th century, France has enjoyed a love affair
with our favourite indulgence, and have created some of the world?s tastiest
desserts in the process. Here are just four of the rich, luxurious desserts
you?ll want to enjoy time and time again:

Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles were first made by chance in 1895, when a
renowned Chambery chocolatier Louis Dufour failed to receive a delivery just
before Christmas. Instead, he concocted a delicious ganache from vanilla, cocoa
powder and cream, before dipping balls of the ganache into cocoa and melted
chocolate. Originally called ?crottes de chocolat?, or chocolate droppings, the
more elegant name they sport today comes from their resemblance to the black

Mousse au chocolat

From workers? cafes to gourmet restaurants, you?ll find the
classic chocolate mousse served in food establishments all across France.
Though there are several variations, the basic recipe of chocolate, whipped egg
whites and sugar is universal, with the egg whites, stabilised by the melted
chocolate, giving the mousse its trademark airy texture.

Fondant au chocolat

This indulgent pudding, with its rich gooey centre, is often
confused with the gateau fondant au chocolat, a flourless chocolate cake which
often shares the same name on menus across France. A French chef working in the
US, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, created the fondant au chocolat by accident when
he mistakenly removed the cake he was baking in the oven too soon. Cakey on the
outside but warm and glossy on the inside, a new dessert was born.

To sample these decadent desserts with some real authentic
French chocolate, why not enjoy a culinary break and book a stay in one of our
villas today? Our collection includes Normandy, Brittany, Languedoc, Cote
d?Azur and Loire villas.

Image: FotoosVanRobin,
available under Creative Commons

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