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guide to the cinemas in cannes

Since the first Cannes International Film Festival in 1946, this star-studded city has featured front and centre for all things cinema. The modest beginning of the celebration saw an emphasis on creativity and many of the films, being only a year after the end of World War Two, featured the battle lines.


The History of the Cannes Film Festival

In our recent blog, we’ve looked at the History of Cannes International Film Festival, how it began, its notable rise in popularity and the outstanding event that it is today. It is now, across the world, the most famous cinematic event of the year.

Note: Cannes Film Festival is invite only, but you’re welcome to make the most of the cinemas listed below!


Cannes attracts A-list celebrities from all over the world and is a picture-palace and go-to for all things on the screen


A City with a Passion for Film

If you have a passion for film, then Cannes should feature top of your travel bucket list. As well as the famed festival, there’s a year-round jam-packed programme of screenings and performances.


Despite its relatively small size, the celebration of film is more than apparent when you discover the number of cinemas that this sun-soaked part of the South of France is home to.


A Celebration of the Arts

Viewings of drama, comedy, experimental, crime, romance and all genres in between can be enjoyed! The entertainment on offer in this cosmopolitan city doesn’t stop there either, as all areas of the arts are embraced. Cannes is a global hub for photography, music, literature, science and dance.


Whether you’re looking for a cosy atmosphere with sink-into seats or you want to experience a touch of luxury and dress suitably for the occasion, Cannes and the many cinemas it is home to will more than deliver.

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Planning Your Visit

If you’re planning on visiting Cannes during your stay in one of our luxury holiday villas, French Riviera and are considering spending an evening or two at the cinema during your trip, here’s our guide to where in the city you can catch a screening or arthouse.

Infographic showing the cinemas in Cannes, South of France

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With the Mediterranean Sea serving as a backdrop to Cannes, and the waters glistening in the distance, there are few better places to spend a week or two soaking up the sun’s warming rays.


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