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the top 5 tuscan wine regions

For many centuries, Tuscany has served as one of Italy’s most fruitful wine regions. Not only does the region offer perfect growing conditions with its warm climate, but it’s rich and fertile soil also provides essential nutrients needed for vines to flourish. Consequently, for over 3000 years, the art of winemaking has become an inherent part of Tuscan culture, with many inhabitants, including visiting Romans and Benedictine monks, considering it more vital to survival than any other beverage. Today, Tuscan wines continue to be some of the best in the world, meaning for visiting wine connoisseurs, it’s growing regions are a must-see. Below, we take a look at some of these regions and the wines they’re best known for:



Many a connoisseur will relish a visit to the charming town of Bolgheri, home to a range of wines known as ‘Super Tuscans’. As well as these prestigious giants, the vineyards of Bolgheri also produce a selection of other beverages that are far less expensive than their superior neighbours but just as delectable. Caccia al Piano is just one of these alternative wines, delicious in flavour and the perfect accompaniment to a Tuscan seafood dish.



Situated between Florence and Siena, the wines originating from this hilly region are known for their palatable qualities and as such, are often paired with food. Like many other beverages, Chianti’s wines are usually made from Sangiovese grapes grown in some of the worlds most famous vineyards, constituting their refreshingly organic flavour. While visiting the region, aficionados can explore Fontodi or take a tour of Mazzei, both renowned vineyards in the region. A range of up and coming vintages can also be sampled, along with some stunning views from hillside locations.


Isola del Giglio

This secluded island can be found just off of Tuscany’s coast and boasts some of the most unusual wine in the world. Made from Ansonica grapes, the beautiful white wine produced here is native to the island, meaning the only way to sample it is to visit! Take a trip to Isola del Giglio to experience some delicate, refreshing flavours, paired perfectly with the local cuisine of fish and other seafood dishes.



This beautiful region is perhaps best known as the home of the world-renowned Brunello di Montalcino. Produced solely from Sangiovese grapes, Brunello di Montalcino has been described as a flavoursome yet delicate red wine, enjoyed by many across the globe as an accompaniment to food or an enjoyable tipple. However, the vineyards of Montalcino also bare the fruit of several other famous beverages such as Casanova di Neri, known for its depth and richness. For those who wish to discover some truly gorgeous red wines, Montalcino is the place to go.



Winemakers in Montepulciano are perhaps best known for their sustainable growing practices as well as their fine vintages. The majority of the wines produced here are free from sulfite and bottled in eco-friendly containers, making them a favourable choice for supporters of waste-free products. With their hearty flavours and warming aromas, Montepulciano wines are an ideal match for meaty dishes and can be enjoyed at leisure at many a social occasion.


As well as its beverages, the location itself is also wonderful, enticing visitors with its bubbly atmosphere and stunning surroundings. However, for wine lovers, the best part of visiting Montepulciano may be a trip to the local vineyard, Tenuta Valdipiatta. Here, not only can visitors sample a stunning selection of beverages but they can also learn how to make them in a winemaking class!


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