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head to brittany for a quiet winter break

When thinking of a winter break in France, your mind may go straight to skiing in the French Alps, or the warmer Mediterranean coast of the Côte d’Azur but for anyone seeking a quiet getaway with their loved ones during the winter, why not head to our luxury French villas in Brittany?

Brittany has just one mountain peak, the mysterious Menez Hom, but at just 381 metres it is not great for skiing. Visitors to the south-west region of France during winter are not looking for snowy slopes and hot tubs. And, as many seaside shops are closed in the winter months, it almost feels like it’s on pause. Which is why people looking for a quiet break head here in the off-season peace and quiet. 
On a quiet day in some towns and villages you may think time has stopped and you are the only one still moving. Cobbled streets are deserted, shutters are closed against the blustery winds, and you can see the lights glowing from cosy rooms as the locals relax inside next to their log fires.
One of the best places to visit in Brittany during the winter months is the coastal paths of the Finistère region. The name’s meaning ‘the edge of the world’ is apt, and you can truly get a sense of this at the popular surf spot La Baie des Trépassés. A glorious place in summer, where camper vans line the beach and the sea is full of surfers, during the winter, it still provides an adrenaline rush. Walks along the cliff edge are breath-taking as the winter winds howl, and the sea breaks upon the granite cliff base and beaches below. Every year, storms strike the coast and hundreds of people head to see the spectacle that is winter in Finistère, and nature takes centre stage. 
Winter pushes itself in your face when you are outdoors, but it is a lovely contrast to the cosy warmth of your villa, along with a mug of hot chocolate. 
For anyone looking for less of a thrill on the coast of Brittany, there is also Christmas shopping in Brittany’s towns. Arts and crafts flourish in Pontrieux, Pont-Scorff and Moncontour. Pottery, jewellery, woodcarvings and more will help you fill up Christmas stockings. 
And for those looking to truly relax and unwind in a quiet setting, Brittany’s spas are perfect for a pampering. Recharge your batteries, chase away the winter blues, and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside before heading back home. 
Photo by: S. Möller available under Creative Commons
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