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hidden gems in nice

Beautiful Nice is France’s worst kept secret, with its fashion, wine and exquisite food, we’ve all heard what to expect. So, we’re here to show you some hidden gems you will absolutely love!

Galerie Eva Vautier

The Galerie Eva Vautier is a stunning gallery in Nice, not to be missed. Exhibiting different artworks and films throughout the years. The building itself is situated in a beautiful area opposite the sea and stands tall with high ceilings and a large luminous window.

The gallery boasts exhibitions for both solo and duet artists and has a magnificent gallery shop filled with multiple editions of art, catalogues and books.

Adam & Eve House

This incredible and ancient house is well known for its mesmerising façade, dating back to 1548, which is outstanding. Intricately decorated, the house contains scenes of the story of Adam and Eve, with one notable scene of them in the Garden of Eden together. The façade itself was decorated using an Italian technique called ‘sgraffito’ which was prevalent in Italy during both the 15th and 16th Centuries. The Adam and Eve house isn’t a stop to be missed when you explore in Nice, as it is said that this building is one of the best remaining examples of this type of architecture.

Château de Bellet and the Bellet Wine Region

The wine surrounding Nice is like no other, and Bellet the wine region is a gem in itself.

There are plenty of small, enchanting little vineyards to visit on the outskirts of Nice, but our first recommendation is Chateau de Bellet.

Not only is the impressive building like no other, it is also encased in a rich history.

The Barons of Bellet established their property on the upper outskirts of Nice, celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2011, and has won the title of one of the oldest’ appellation d ‘origine contrôlée’ (AOC), a French system used to grade quality and origin location.  

Aside from the beautiful chateau, there are also incredible landscapes, and the Bellet vines themselves surround the historic family chapel, which pays tribute to Agnes Roissard de Bellet.

A unique experience for anyone wanting to find something that has everything, hidden away in the outskirts of Nice.

Cimiez Monastery Complex (Gardens and Church)

There is so much to see at Cimiez Monastery Complex that it’s definitely worth setting aside some quality time to experience everything it has to offer. The Cimiez Monastery Complex is situated in the ‘Roman cradle’ of the city of Nice and Cimiez itself was often a sought-after location from kings and queens of Europe, including queen Victoria and George 5th.

Today it is a prized location in Nice, boasting one of the most desired neighbourhoods. Perhaps surprisingly, Boulevard de Cimiez includes both mesmerising historic buildings and residential space.

Cimiez Monastery and the Church of Franciscan is a prevalent visiting point. The captivating church dates back to the 16th Century and still has a small community of Franciscan friars present to this day.

There is a Franciscan museum and a Henry Matisse museum, who is buried in the cemetery surrounding the church, with other fellow painters. Let’s not forget the intricate gardens too, all of which only add to a wonderful visit to Cimiez.

La Tete Carrée Library

A fascinating building and one you might not miss if you are within the area is the La Tete Carrèe library.

To some onlookers, this may look like only an art sculpture, exquisite and exciting all in its own right, but in this large, blockhead nests a whole library; Three floors of books to be exact.

The French artist Sacha Sosono designed La Tete Carrée with a clear metaphor in mind – “Thinking inside the box”.

The library stands soaring at 85 feet and is a stunning symbol of both art and education.

Palais Lascaris

Palais Lascaris is said to be a remarkable example of civil baroque architecture, an incredible building dedicated to the arts of both the 17th and 18th Century.

Hard to believe this mesmerising palace was previously inhabited by squatters after the French Revolution, not only is this palace magical all on its own, it is also home to a museum that consists of three parts.

The rooms have been restored to their original medieval glory. Precious furniture and objects adorn the space, and one part of the museum owns a permanent and vast collection of fascinating, ancient musical instruments.

Marvel in your own time!

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