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history of dubrovnik city walls

Dubrovnik brings in people from all over the globe, and its walls could be said to be the main attraction of this enchanting city. There is a very good reason for this, as this stunning city is completely encircled with historic defensive walls and forts. In this piece, we will learn about the history of these magical builds. 

Why Were the Walls Built Around Dubrovnik?

The walls were originally built in the eighth century, but the majority of the work was completed in 15th and 16th century. Fortified with 15 square forts, the walls were upgraded in aid of protection because of potential threats of foreign attacks over the city and the Dubrovnik Republic. This meant the entire town old town was contained within this stone barrier. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the walls are now considered to be one of the most impressive monuments in Europe of that kind. They run uninterrupted for an astonishing 6365 feet in length, encircling the majority of the city with an impressive height of 82 feet. 

What are the Main Forts in Dubrovnik?


There are five main forts around the walls of Dubrovnik, and they all had a different role to play while protecting the city. Fort Minčeta was built in 1319 and remains the highest point of the city wall to this day. Previously, Fort Minčeta was a regular tower, which was then expanded in 1464 to the design it is now. This particular fort’s job was to protect the edge of the city from attack. Fort Bokar is the tower furthest to the west, which was built to protect the approach to the pile gate (the busiest entrance) and look out west along with Fort Lawrence. Fort St John and Fort Revelin both guard east and over the old harbour. 

What Was Life Like in the City Walls?


Dubrovnik was previously known as Ragusa and was ruled by a Rector. The walls were built over the course of 450 years and turned Medieval Ragusa into a self-sufficient working state. Within these strong and proud walls stood everything people would need. Ragusa had its own healthcare service, hospital, pharmacy, water supply and even orphanage. Interestingly, trade, crafts and literature flourished. 

Take a Walking Tour of The Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik 

Birds eye view of Dubrovnik

Don’t just take our word for it how special the city walls are to see, why not take a walking tour of all of its glory?

It takes approximately two hours to walk all around the city walls, and you can opt for a guided tour with a local guide to really get the most out of the history. Walking around the walls, you will see the entirety of Dubrovnik in all its glory, with its fascinating fortresses and its winding, delicate streets. View the hustle and bustle and iconic landmarks in the squares such as the Bell Tower or Dubrovnik’s Cathedral, or soak up the stunning view of the Adriatic sea.

Some other cultural benchmarks to spot include the Lovrijenac Fortress, which sits on a 37m high cliff and also the island of Lokrum. There is nothing quite like it. 

The cost to enter the Dubrovnik City walls is around 200HRK for an adult and 50HRK for a child. The price of a guided tour begins around 150KN per person, which would be an excellent treat to get the full immersive experience and learn all about the history of this fascinating and beautiful city.

Dubrovnik town

Dubrovnik is a fascinating place to visit. Even as a small walled town, it is jam-packed with so many things to see and experience. If Dubrovnik is on your bucket list, then why not take a holiday in style? Browse our luxury holiday villas in Croatia to find the ideal place to lay your head!

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