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the best family-friendly holiday destinations this october half-term

It seems as though the summer here in the UK has come to an abrupt end. With rain showers and grey clouds looming over our heads, it’s typical that the summer holidays are plagued with bad weather. If you haven’t booked a holiday this summer, and are worried that you’ve missed the only sunshine this year then fear not – we have some incredible holiday villas in locations that continue to have good weather well into October. 
With the summer speeding past in the blink of an eye, you needn’t worry about having to wait until next summer to catch a tan. October is essentially just around the corner, and what better way to delay those end-of-summer blues than by booking a holiday. If you’re tempted by whisking your family away for some sun in October, then look no further. Here is our list of our favourite destinations in France and Morocco!

The spellbinding landscape of Morocco is bound to win the hearts of both you and your family on your next trip. With temperatures soaring throughout the summer, the degrees slowly begin to drop towards the end of September, providing what we believe to be the perfect location this October!
3500 kilometres of coastline border the northern African country. Expansive views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean provide breath-taking scenery for you to soak up whilst relaxing on one of the sweeping crescent beaches. The sandy coves and crystal-clear water are the perfect places to discover this October, and with our range of luxury villas in Morocco spanning over four locations, you’ll be spoilt for choice with your options!
If you’re already shuddering at the thought of experiencing another chilly October in the UK, then the news that the average temperature in Oualidia in October is 26ºC should be music to your ears. Last year, the average temperature across the UK reached just 9.8ºC, so Oualidia should definitely be considered for you and your family!
It’s the azure lagoon, with waters that change colour throughout the day to reflect the kaleidoscope sky, that makes Oualidia a firm favourite amongst the Moroccan locals. An oasis for visitors, the beach really is the highlight of this coastal village. However, thanks to the quaint nature of this holiday destination, it provides an amazing backdrop for the relaxing holiday you and your family deserve.
The tranquil location is also the home to exemplary seafood. Famous for its oysters, sampling some of their fresh seafood should be high up on your Oualidia bucket list! The lagoon is the perfect location for the farming to take place, and the locals definitely utilise this! Using methods originally taken from the Japanese, oyster farming has taken place in the village since 1956, making them professionals at what they do.
If you’re thinking that it’s only coastal locations that will provide you with the warmth that you’re longing for this October, then you’d be wrong! Possibly one of the most well-known locations in Morocco, Marrakesh is actually the fourth largest city in the country and is able to give you the warmth that you’re after! This October half term, the predicted average temperature is 21ºC, so if it’s a city break that you and your family are after, then look no further!
Rich in culture, be prepared to be blown away by the exceptional buildings that form the city. Unrivalled and not to be missed, from the second you step off the plane in Menara airport, you’re welcomed with architectural excellence. Drawing influences from its Islamization, there are also elements of Spanish and French architecture that can be seen throughout the city. The craftsmanship that has been put into the designing and building process of every structure will captivate you on your next holiday and will leave you wondering whether it’s possible to transform your house into a carbon copy of a grand riad, complete with turquoise Moroccan tiles.
After you’ve admired the architecture, make an evening visit to Djemaa el-Fna. Translated to the assembly of the dead, the plaza is anything but nowadays, with street performers transforming corners of the market into their own stages. Found in the medina quarter, after dusk is the best time to visit, although it can get very busy, so a watchful eye should be cast over your children in the bustling crowds! You can expect to experience street food vendors attempting to haggle with you at every turn. However, the eclectic market is worth a trip simply witness true Moroccan culture.
Although not too far off the shores of the UK, the weather in certain areas of France can give you the sun that you deserve in October. If you’re looking for a quick trip away, then this might be just what you’re after! Whether you choose to visit the country by train, plane or car, one thing that you can be reassured by is that you’ll have an amazing stay at one of our French villas.
Although the average temperature of 12ºC might seem a little too cold, rest assured the whole country doesn’t experience lows like that! The divine scenery that France has on offer is enough to make people come back year after year, and you’ll soon see why. Whether you and your family are choosing to take some time out on an alabaster-lined beach or fill your lungs with the crisp, fresh air on a hike in the Alpines, France is definitely an ideal place for your next family break!
Putting our weather to shame is Cote d’Azur. With the average temperature at 18ºC, the weather will be the least of your worries on your October family break. It’s no surprise to us that Cote d’Azur has been a firm favourite amongst artists for centuries. The lush greenery contrasting with the deep blue of the surrounding sea provides an extraordinary landscape that you and your family are bound to fall in love with. 
The landscape is scattered with extensive mountain ranges, such as the phenomenal Mount Ventoux that has been listed by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. If hiking through the peaks isn’t for you, then relaxing by the artificial Sainte Croix Lake with its aquamarine waters might be more your scene.
The unofficial capital of Cote d’Azur, Nice, is the perfect playground for you and your family. A walk up to witness the panoramic views of Castle Hill is something not to be missed, especially due to the deep blue hues of the Mediterranean shimmering around the coastline. If you’re too intimidated by the walk up to the castle, or fear that little legs might not be able to make the climb, then there is a lift available to help you!
If you’re planning to head towards the south-west coast of France, then Dordogne is the place for you. With a projected forecast only hinting at four days of rain in October, you can live in the hope that you’ll get better weather than you would back home in the UK. 
The idyll department, named after the river Dordogne, is divided into four areas of exceptional natural beauty. Discover the oak forests of Périgord Noir, with castles and caves scattered across the landscape. The green fields of Périgord vert make it the ideal region to venture to if you’re looking to experience a more rural side of Dordogne. Renown for its cuisine, Perigord Vert has a variety of local specialities, including truffles, asparagus and walnuts.
A region named after grapes, it should come as no surprise that Perigord Pourpre is a favourite amongst those who appreciate wine. Although not one for the children, it should be noted that Dordogne is home to some of the finest vineyards in the world, most notably, Bergerac. Lastly, the fourth region of Dordogne is Perigord Blanc. In the centre of Dordogne, Perigord Blanc takes its name from the white, chalky landscapes of the region. Those visiting the area should take a trip to its capital, Perigueux, with its extraordinary cathedral, it’s a sight not to be missed!
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