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how to fly with children

The anticipation which is built before
a holiday comes around is one of the best feelings in the world. However, when
travelling with the whole family in tow, it can often be a rather stressful
time for parents trying to pack and organise the whole trip.

Depending on where you are travelling
and the length of the flight, children can become bored and frustrated during
their journey. This usually leads to parents getting even more frustrated and
not giving the holiday the start it needs. However, it doesn’t have to be all
tears and tantrums as we have this very helpful guide to give you some
beneficial tips to help how flight go as smoothly as possible whether you are
heading to one of our family villas Marrakesh, France, Italy
or elsewhere!


Plan Ahead

Preparation really is the key to
everything, so for a stress-free flight, be sure to plan ahead. Start by
finding out how long the flight is and use this as a base. Will you be flying
during the night, or early in the morning? Is there a time difference? Once you
have answered these questions, you can then think about how to keep your
children entertained.


The best way to have a trouble-free
flight is to provide your children with entertainment. Although most long-haul
flights have entertainment onboard in the form of films, not all of these are
always child-friendly. So to avoid any tantrums, be sure to pack a tablet or
portable DVD player so they can watch their favourite film or play games on a
tablet. Download plenty of child-friendly apps and games as well as their
favourite cartoons. Although some people may frown upon kids being given
tablets to play with, they love feeling like they are doing things that adults
do, so are much more likely to be kept entertained for longer if they’re using
their mum or dad’s tablet. For the sake of a peaceful journey, it is definitely
worth it!

Another great way to keep your
children entertained is by letting them have the window seat. What child
doesn’t love to stare out at the sky and fluffy clouds? Allowing them to
sit by the window has multiple benefits.  It will occupy them as they
watch their journey through the window and means they can’t annoy anyone
sitting next to them by their constant fiddling. This also allows them to curl
up and press their feet against the wall.

Start Your Journey Well Rested

Flights are exhausting enough for
everyone involved, so you don’t want to start your journey tired. Try to choose
your flight time carefully, if at all possible. However, sometimes you won’t
have a choice, but try to be as well rested as possible before you head to the
airport. This means no early morning flights when everyone is grumpy about
having to wake up too early. This also means no 11pm flights, which mean the kids
are already exhausted after being up way past their bedtime.



A hungry child can often become a
grumpy one, so make sure you have snacks at the ready. We would suggest
packaging healthier snacks to avoid having to deal with any hyperactivity. Keep
a stash of snacks in your carry-on luggage as well as milk as it can serve as a
magic potion that helps with ear pressure and provides a soothing sedative


Have Some Tricks up Your Sleeve

Pack your carry-on luggage carefully,
and make sure you have some comforts to help your child feel at home. This
could be in the form of a favourite toy, blanket, a colouring book or tasty
snacks. Ensuring that you have a few items to keep them entertained and
distracted will make for a smoother travelling experience. It’s also important to prepare young
children for what to expect, which may be something to talk about prior to a

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