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how to make your dream holiday a reality

We all have visions and longings of our dream holiday, whether that is spending a week exploring the deep, dramatic gorges and ancient vineyards of Provence or spending your days soaking up the sun on the white-sand beaches in Puglia. There are so many sights to see in the world, and we are the only ones who can make your holiday dreams a reality. Our guide should help you with achieving your biggest holiday aspirations, so you can get one step closer to the destination of your wildest imaginations! 
Decide Where to Go
For many us, our dream holiday location is already firmly decided, as we’ve been lusting for it for many years. But, for others, a destination is still undecided. Our blog has a wealth of inspiration to help you select the perfect location for you, whether that is touring around the cultural highlights of Italy or the hidden gems in the South of France, there is something for all interests and desires! 
How Long Do You Want to Go For? 
Are you searching for a romantic weekend city break with your loved one or you’re a family of beach lovers looking for a two-week stay in a villa with panoramic sea views? Deciding on how long you would like to go for depends on your personal circumstances, for example, whether you can all get the time off work and school together.
Decide on the Holiday Type
From peaceful countryside retreats surrounded by luscious rolling green hills to villas just a stone’s throw from the golden sands and oceans. Deciding whether you want a seaside break, or the remoteness of a sleepy and historical village will help you select the holiday type of your dreams! 
Set a Date
One of the most important steps in making your dream holiday a reality is to set a date. The date gives you a goal to work towards and ensures you free up your time and make your dream happen. Get the time off work, tell your friends and family that you will be away over that period, write it in your calendar and diary and then you can begin to look forward to your break ahead. 
Book Your Flights and Accommodation
When you come to booking your flights and accommodation, your dream holiday starts to become a reality. With your tickets and villa decided, and your confirmation receipts received, the countdown can truly begin! 
Begin Planning
Many dream holidays consist of bucket list activities and attractions, whereas others imagine spending their days relaxing by the pool reading their favourite holiday books. If you decide to fill your time with the best sights in the area, do a little research on them before you go and make a short list of the ones that most appeal to you. This list will gradually begin to form your dream holiday itinerary. 
Begin Looking Forward to Your Time Away! 
With your location chosen, flights and accommodation booked and activities planned; you can begin to anticipate the holiday of your wildest dreams! Putting in the extra preparation before you go allows you to truly relax, enjoy the holiday spirit and make the most of each day that you are away. 
If you have always dreamt of spending the festive season somewhere warm and sunny, why not browse our luxury Christmas villas in the South of France and make your aspirations a reality! 
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