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how to plan a luxury holiday

Luxury holidays are a great way to relax, unwind and explore more of the world. However, booking a luxury holiday can be hard to plan, so our tips should help you to organise the perfect trip. 
Keep an Open Mind
Having an open mind when it comes to destinations is crucial. A gorgeous Caribbean island might be your first thought, but there are plenty of other places, some a lot closer to home, to consider. One of our favourite luxury holiday destinations is the South of France, and with our luxury St Tropez villas with a pool, you will definitely feel like you are treating yourself. 
Research Your Destination
Once you have decided on your dream location, the next step is researching it. Find out what attractions there are in the area, from beaches, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, museums and art galleries. Research the must-see places in the area: in the South of France that includes Cannes, Nice and even a day trip to Monaco. If you also have an idea of the dates of your holiday, look into what events might be held there. You could be lucky to coincide your visit to the Cannes Film Festival in May! 
Stick to a Budget
A luxury holiday is not going to come cheap, so setting ground rules for a budget before you go is important. A tailor-made holiday at a luxury villa can be expensive, but being a luxury holiday, there is going to be some splashing out! However, you can cut down on your spending by limiting the amount you spend on food, transport, shopping and activities. You can even get apps on your phone that will track your holiday spending. Budgeting will help you save money you can put towards your next holiday! 
Think About The Extras
When it comes to a luxury holiday, of course, you want all the extras you can think of, within reason and depending on your budget. Hire a car instead of getting the bus and ask if your villa offers a maid service or chef to relieve some of the jobs you have to do while on your holiday. It doesn’t get much better than having someone cook a fantastic meal for you in your own holiday villa!
Travel Insurance is a Must
No matter your overall budget, you will need travel insurance. Getting insurance for a neighbouring country like France may seem pointless, but it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health or any potential risks. Get insurance cover before you book your flights, and check what the policy includes. You may also want to get insurance on some belongings, although it is better to leave valuable belongings at home. 
Go Out at Lunch, Not Dinner
A couple of nights dining out is a treat for your holiday, but with a fully equipped villa, you can do some home-cooking too. However, lunch can be reserved for eating out, and it is often cheaper to do so. The food, wine and service are the same, and you will be eating with the locals – order what they have. Dining outside the dinner rush will also mean you have more time to enjoy your meal and relax. 
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