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how to spend new year’s on the amalfi coast

When you think of the Amalfi Coast, the hot summer sun beating down on your body and the soft sand between your toes might be the first thought that pops into your mind. Still, Italy is just as majestic in the colder months, a time where many tourists and crowds aren’t present, but the festivities very much are. This is why you should seriously consider a trip away to experience Christmas or the New Year.  

Decorative Lights Sight-seeing

Italy is well known for not doing things by halves, and when December and January hit, the Amalfi Coast sparkles. Wander along the colourfully lit streets, intricate hanging wreaths and decorations, and immerse yourself in the Amalfi Coast atmosphere at this time of year. There are plenty of festive concerts to attend in the different towns of the Amalfi Coast throughout both December and January, which makes this time of year even more special. The perfect environment to get you into the New Year spirit! 

If lights are something you really enjoy, then head to Atrani.

This quaint little town blossoms with Italian authenticity, boasts being unspoiled by mass tourism, and has a charming population of less than one thousand. Atrani puts on an enchanting, luminous display of lights which light up all of the buildings throughout the charming village, in a magical presentation. 

A picture of Christmas decorations outside

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Holiday Foods in the Amalfi Coast

Italy is well renowned for its outstanding food, and what better news is there than holiday Italian food? Plenty of variations of our favourites and traditional recipes are in abundance around this time of year, and seasonal recipe books are taken off the shelves, much to our delight. A popular dish around this time of year is cotechino, delicately spiced pig meat and rind, flavoured with herbs such as cloves, cinnamon, and also wine is used to create this festive sausage. This dish is traditionally served with lentils, especially on New Year’s Eve. It is believed that lentils with this dish are thought to bring good fortune for the coming year. Sparkling wine makes an eager appearance in the Amalfi Coast around this time, along with other foods that are thought to cause wealth, prosperity and good fortunes, such as risotto or dried fruit.  

A picture of bowls of different dried fruit

New Year’s Tradition on the Amalfi Coast

Is there anything more cathartic than smashing something to the ground? Aside from the freeing feeling, Italian’s practice this symbolic action on New Year’s, where old cookware is thrown to the ground from windows to symbolise cleansing and renewal for the upcoming year. It doesn’t just have to be cookware; clothing and other objects are also thrown onto the street for this symbolic ritual. You may also hear pots and pans being banged and clashed together, where people are warding off evil spirits during the cleansing. We just want to remind you to watch your head!  

A picture of wall of pots and pans

New Year’s Party on the Amalfi Coast

Are there much better ways to see in the new year that isn’t in Italy, on the Amalfi coast? They know how to party, and the new year is the perfect reason. Throughout all the towns on the Amalfi Coast, party and celebration will be rife, meaning there will always be somewhere you can join in on the festivities. New Year’s sees a performative celebration march throughout the towns with all kinds of people joining in, such as members of the church, folk musicians, visitors and locals! 

A picture of dancers in the street

Red Underwear in the New Year 

Following the superstitious traditions in Italy, another one to perform is wearing red underwear during the new year. It is said that the colour red represents fertility and also aids in blocking negative energy and spirits. Red is also worn if there is hope to conceive in the coming year and ensures good luck! The red underwear isn’t just for women, there are also plenty of options for men too, and you’ll have no problem finding any! Windows of shops are adorned in bright red underwear you can buy for this very occasion. 

a picture of red fabric

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