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how to take your dream holiday photos

Photographs give you the opportunity to freeze a precious moment in time; they are something that you can look back at time-and-time again and can proudly show others. Allowing you to document your special times means that they can be some of your most treasured possessions, which means that there is nothing more upsetting than returning home from your trip of a lifetime to see that your photographs are blurry and don’t capture the charm of the location that you were visiting.

Over the past decade, the use of disposable cameras has diminished, with professional DSLR cameras and portable digital cameras being our objects of choice. Long gone are the days with a maximum amount of pictures you could take, where a thumb covering the lens was bound to make its way into your collection of holiday snaps. However, just because you’re equipped with a new memory card that can hold endless pictures does not mean that you should take a photo of absolutely everything that you see. Quality over quantity is what is going to make your photos look as perfect as possible.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can take the perfect holiday snap, then check out our guide below. So whether you’re planning a stay in one of our holiday villas in Brittany or have a trip booked to Italy on the horizon, keeps these in mind when next reaching for your camera!



When it comes to taking photos, timing is everything. Although sometimes this is out of your hands and beyond your control, for example, catching the grinning faces of your children enjoying a run on the beach, if it’s a landscape picture that you’re trying to snap, a little bit of forward-planning will not go amiss.

If you’re wandering through vineyards in Italy, waiting until the golden hour as the sun is setting will provide you with the most exquisite natural light. Likewise, as the sun begins to rise in the morning, it is the perfect time to escape onto the terrace of your holiday villas to capture the tranquillity of the calm blues of the ocean.

Taking the perfect picture takes time and patience. However, it is important to remember that a photograph isn’t the most important part of your holiday. Live in the moment and make real memories with the ones closest to you (but if the perfect photo opportunity arises, then that’s super convenient!).



Ever tried to take a family photo to find out that it just doesn’t look right? Making sure that everyone is positioned in the middle of the frame will make a huge difference to the end result. When holding a camera, imagine a 3 x 3 grid over the screen. If you’re having trouble visualising this, most cameras now come with the option to have this appear on the screen for you. The rule of thirds will allow you to take the perfect photo every time. If you’re attempting to take a portrait, make sure that the subject is placed on the crossover of one of the grids. Not only will they be in the shot, but you’ll also have sweeping views of the enchanting background also captured.



As much as the cool, tranquil sea may be one of your favourite photos, you may find that it always falls a little flat when you look back; motion makes a photo interesting. This rule applies for taking photos of your friends and family too. While you’re bound to be asked to “say cheese” a couple of times throughout the holiday, candid moments are more natural and prevent pictures looking forced.


What are some of your key factors to taking the perfect holiday snap? We would love to know so reach out to us on our social channels. If you’re wondering where your next holiday should be, then take a look at our range of holiday villas in France, Italy, Morocco and Croatia. With spectacular sweeping scenery, there is something for everyone!

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