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indoor activities in nice: things to do when it rains

The fifth city of France, Nice, is a wonderful holiday destination year-round. Although the popular holiday destination in the summer, as the deep blue of the Meditteranean ocean shimmers in the sunlight, the cerulean hues of the sea continue to be as mesmerizing through the colder months. Despite the chill in the air, the charm of the city continues to draw tourists to the area and is the perfect place for a crisp, winter stroll. However, with any holiday planned during the winter months, the chance of rain can often have an impact on your willingness to book a getaway.
The suggestion of rain should not stop you from visiting the area. With a plethora of indoor days and family-friendly all-weather options, Nice is the ideal location for a winter break. So, if your interest has been piqued by our range of family friendly Nice villas, why not take a look at what activities you could enjoy over the next couple of months, like rain or shine!

Marvel at the Artwork in the Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain

Opened in 1990, the Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain, also known as MAMAC, is located near Place Garibaldi. A must-see attraction when visiting Nice, you and your family can keep warm while marveling at the permanent collections housed within the museum, including works by Pop Art and New Realism artists.
Whether there is a heavy rainfall or just a light sprinkling of rain, take a look at the architecturally-designed structure by Yves Bayard and Henry Vidal. The tetrapod arch with juxtaposing with the four square towers is a piece of artwork in itself and is home to over ten showrooms.

Be Mesmerized at Opéra de Nice

Opéra de Nice
As the main opera venue in Nice, it is not just the excellent performances that make Opéra de Nice a place worth visiting. The breathtaking heritage dates back to a theater standing in its seaside position dates back to 1885 when the King of Sardinia granted permission to convert its building into a theater. The theater built in its place, the Maccarani Theater, was formed shortly after that.
After the complete destruction of the theater in 1881, when a gas explosion took place during the opening night of Lucia of Lammermoor, the Opéra de Nice was born. Today, the building seats over 1000 people and its decadent interior is just as captivating as the performances that take place.
If visiting Nice on a rainy day, whisking yourself away to enjoy an evening show, be it a ballet, a symphony orchestra or an opera performance is bound to be one of the highlights of your trip. With reasonably priced tickets and free seating, get down to the building early to avoid disappointment.

Rewind with a Coffee

coffee in a mug
If a shower comes as a surprise while you’re out exploring the side streets of Nice, then why not seek refuge for a while in one of the many cafes that the area has to offer? With a wide range of wonderful cafes on offer, there is bound to be something on the menu even for the younger ones in your party. So, whether you stop for an espresso or relax and enjoy a brunch, reward yourself with a well-deserved break from the rain, taking shelter in an independently-owned coffee shop.

Get Competitive at Bowling Acropolis

bowling balls
Unfortunately, sometimes the rain lingers for a little longer than expected. If your family has spent the day admiring the best in French art, it is likely that your little ones will want to cheering up, as well as an outlet to get rid of some of their energy!
Open every day of the year, Bowling Acropolis is a multi-lane complex with a range of activities to keep the family happy, from pool to a TV room, there is something for everyone! As one of the largest bowling alleys in France, why not escape the bad weather by arranging a competition between the members of your party? This is sure to lighten any moods dampened by the wet weather, and gets everybody involved!


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Confiserie Florian

No trip to Nice is complete without visiting the charming sweet factory nestled in the hills of southern France. After travelling through the picturesque, rolling landscape, allow your tour guide to take you on an informational journey around the building. While on the tour, admire the craftsmanship of the artisans and sample the variety of products they have on offer, before purchasing a selection of treats from the shop!
Have you ever experienced a rainy trip to Nice? If so, we would love to hear about any suggestions on must-see locations! Here at Quality Villas, we have a wide range of family-friendly and dog-friendly villas alike, take a look on our website and get in touch! Or, if you’re looking for more information about Nice, why not head over to our blog, where we’ve covered a wide range of information on the area, here.
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