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indulge in a taste of italy this christmas

If you aren’t lucky enough to be
staying in one of our luxury villas in Italy this December, why not bring a
taste of Italy to your Christmas table? Christmas is one of Italy’s most
beloved holidays, and is celebrated with authentic Italian dishes. Take a look
at some of favourite dishes to prepare, which will truly impress anyone you are
having round for lunch.


Antipasto is an Italian version of
canapes, meaning ‘before the pasta’. An antipasto platter will always be found
in an Italian home on a special occasion, and not only at Christmas time. It is
a simple dish to prepare and usually comprises of cold cuts of meat such as
prosciutto, mortadella, ham and salami and then marinated vegetables such as
artichokes, eggplant and olives and also cheese. It is the perfect dish to
bring all your guests together at the beginning of the meal. 

First Course

Tortellini in Brodo is a traditional
Christmas dish which will impress your guests. It is tortellini which sits in a
delicious broth.

You can buy your tortellini
premade or have a go and make it yourself, and you can fill the pasta with
either cheese or meat. The broth usually consists of chicken and beef which is
boiled and then vegetables are added, this creates a delicious broth which
accompanies the pasta beautifully.

Main Course

Roast capon and roast lamb are
both popular Christmas dishes throughout Italy. Both are extremely flavoursome
and aromatic, unfortunately you can’t purchase capon in the UK but if you are
staying at our villas in Italy you can try it. Try going for chicken or lamb as
an alternative.

To accompany your centrepiece,
serve stir-fried broccoli or Insalata di rinforzo. Insalata di rinforzo is a traditional
Italian salad which contains olives, capers, peppers and cauliflower which is
covered with olive oil, salt and vinegar. There will be no harm in serving
traditional roast potatoes, to give your guest an alternative option.


Struffoli are small balls of dough
which are fried and rolled into honey to give them a sweet taste. They are
crunchy on the outside and light on the inside, creating a perfect ending to a
delicious meal.

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