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interview with the owner: what makes quality villas?

Here at Quality Villas we pride ourselves with the personal touch we have with our clients – we want you to have a wonderful holiday as much as you do. Whether you want a luxury villa in France, Italy, Croatia
or Morocco, we can provide expert advice to give you the best holiday ever. And how did Quality Villas become what it is today? That is, in many ways, down to Margaret, owner and Managing Director of Quality Villas. We interviewed her to find out how Quality Villas came about and her tips for clients and villa owners looking to come aboard.
What is your role in Quality Villas?
I am the owner and MD of Quality Villas.
How long have you worked for Quality Villas, and how did it come about?
I started Quality Villas 30 years ago with my ex-husband when we both owned our sister company, Quality Cottages. The idea for the company started when we were looking for holiday accommodation in France for our children, and ourselves but couldn’t find the right place. We eventually booked a villa directly with the owner which was so dirty and badly appointed we couldn’t stay, so we decided to start Quality Villas to ensure that standards and locations of villas were correct
What is the best aspect of your job?
The best part of my job is helping people to find the most suitable properties for their holiday. We know all the best locations in France, Italy and Morocco, and the perfect villa in an amazing location is the basis of having a fantastic holiday abroad.
Any tips for people holidaying with Quality Villas?
My best advice is to talk to us before booking. We know the villas and can make suggestions based on what the client wants out of their holiday. If the client is looking for extra services such as a chef and maids, babysitters, car hire. We can suggest the best villas for them. They get a personal touch, which we provide to every individual client.
What are your favourite parts of France, Italy and Morocco? 

My favourite area in France is the South West, Dordogne and Languedoc. There is so much to discover and explore in that region, from the medieval villages, caves and mountains and then there are the beautiful beaches too.

In Italy, I would have to say my favourite place is Sicily. The island boasts some fantastic architecture, has an incredible history, gorgeous beaches and very friendly people.

My favourite places in Morocco are Marrakesh and Essaouira. Marrakesh is just wonderful. I loved the Old Medina, walking around it alone was a pleasure and also very safe. The colourful stalls, full of clothes and bags, the aroma of spices and then having to move out of the way of the donkeys – you definitely knew you were abroad then! I also loved visiting the Berber villages in the mountains near Marrakesh.
Essaouira is a beautiful place on the coast; the beach is stunning. You can also get delicious fresh fish at the harbour, and wander among the artisans selling and making their crafts, you can even get argan oil practically straight from the source.
What do you think sets Quality Villas apart from its competitors?
Quality Villas is different because its ethos has not changed since the beginning. It is all about the quality not quantity. Where other agencies might be concerned with the numbers, we are not; in fact, we only select the right villas after a thorough process.
Any advice for other owners looking to come on board with Quality Villas?
Firstly, if you are renting your villa, it is a business, not a hobby, and owners need to be serious, realistic and professional. Quality Villas has a criterion that owners need to comply with which demands a high standard.
What makes the perfect villa? 
Location Location location, perfect styling – and a swimming pool. The perfect villa needs to have quality inside and out, such as great interior rooms and also well-equipped outdoors. If there is a pool, there needs to be comfortable loungers, good umbrellas and so on. The best kind of villa should also be able to accommodate all the additional services such as a chef if the client wants one. Some villas are fully staffed, and some clients want to be totally independent and private on their holiday. The perfect villa should be able to meet all and any requirements of the client.
Where next?
 It gave me get pleasure to launch our new portfolio of villas in Croatia this month (Jan 2018). I visited a great number of them in 2017 – they are just a stunning selection of villas and all really accessible to the beach.
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