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is ecotourism the way forward for morocco? | quality villas

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is focused around exotic natural environments,
with the intention of supporting conservation efforts, observing and preserving
local wildlife. Essentially, it is directed as engaging tourists through a
greener approach, offering an alternative to any trips that may harm the
environment. Ecotourism aims to bring the people together to engage with the
local surroundings in a positive way, giving a helping hand to our wonderful
world. The Moroccan government recently signed a charter which is to encourage
professionals to engage in environmentally friendly practices, becoming the
leaders in this big change. 


Vision 2020

Helping to position Morocco within the top 20 tourist
destinations in the world, the Vision 2020 is a programme that is providing
investments within the tourist sector, aiming to improve the experience for
both locals and visitors. Bringing in new jobs, more wealth from tourism, and
aiming to do everything possible within the budgets to promote an eco-friendly
future, by developing in a sustainable manner are all aspects of the Vision
2020 programme. After establishing a nationwide ecological network of 10
national parks, and 160 sites of biological interest, the ecotourism sector in Morocco
plans to raise issues toward protecting these fantastic sites which have been
nurtured and treasured over the years to benefit the wildlife, natural
environment, and those who visit. By 2020, the plans for the future should be
firmly in place to secure Morocco’s future as an ecotourism destination.


Travel to Morocco today to experience the wonderful world
that has been created and relish in the beautiful things that have been
preserved over the years, paving stepping stones in the path towards becoming
an eco-friendly tourism destination for all to enjoy. Why not stay in one of
our luxury villas in Morocco this summer and you will truly see why ecotourism
is the way forward for this stunning, up and coming location that will make you
feel inspired to contribute to making a conscious effort to go green! 

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