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italian customs and traditions

Italy has one of the richest cultures. It is strongly associated with music, art, food, and religion and exuberates an extraordinary amount of history.

It is also the motherland of the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, and is also the main centre of the Renaissance.

In this blog, you will find out the history of the culture and the current traditions of Italian life.

Italy as we Know it – How Did it Begin?

Humanism, a philosophical and ethical stance, circulated Italy during the 14th Century. This philosophical branch placed emphasise on the value of human beings as a whole. This movement celebrated human achievement in sectors such as education, classical arts, literature and science, which are still very important. It was thought that this period influenced the Renaissance.

The Renaissance was an enthusiastic, transformative period of what some may call a “rebirth” from the 14th Century throughout to the 17th Century. Significant Cultural, Artistic, Political and Economic changes were in progress following the Middle Ages. Some of the greatest thinkers, artists, and scientists in human history were discovered and thrived during this period.

The Renaissance itself began in Florence, as this was home to generous wealthy citizens that supported the art community and other humanitarian sectors.

One of the most famous wealthy families were the Medici family, who significantly contributed to the rich Italian culture we experience today.

Family Life in Italy

Family is an essential aspect of Italian life. There is a good amount of time spent with family members and friends socially, with big gatherings and dinners. The beliefs based around family are not like those of the typical western world. They welcome with open arms the idea of ‘extended family’ and the concept of ‘the more, the merrier’, over the typical “nuclear” family set up. This could explain why Italians are so friendly!

Children usually don’t stray far from the family and are generally incorporated into a family business. Because of this, families tend to stay close through several generations making this a staple of their culture.

Art and Architecture in Italy

Italy has been home to the most outstanding architecture and art for over hundreds of years, often encouraging people from all over the world to pour into the country to experience them for themselves. There are many niche areas in which Italian architecture fall under. The classic style of building was created, refined and proved to influenced buildings years and years later.

Gothic architecture is another significant style of Italy’s culture, despite being a far cry from the ‘classic’ style. Italians would have buildings heavily embellished, and gargoyles would find a place as ghoulish decorations.

Italy and Religion

Italy’s religious stance is predominantly Roman catholic. This isn’t surprising as the capital of Italy, Rome, is home to the Vatican City, and also the pope himself. Roman Catholics and other Christians make up around 80% of the popularity, which means the holidays they celebrate are similar to those in the UK. However, certain religious buildings and museums can require a dress code where you are asked to cover up shoulders and knees for respect. This is another culture rule they have which ties in with religion.

Italian Cuisine 

If food is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Italy, that would be completely understandable. This magical country is well known for the prominent influence it has had all over the world when it comes to its cuisine.

Pasta, cheese and wine all dominate a traditional Italian meal, and when it comes to dining, they don’t rush anything. Italians typically dine later and into the late night, using food as the core of a social gathering of loved ones. There is no rush to leave the table!

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