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journee du patrimoine

On September 17-18, more than 17,000 cultural institutions
across France will open their doors for the Journée du Patrimoine 2016, with
many of our luxury French villas located nearby.

This is part of a wider celebration of ‘heritage days’ held
across the entire European continent, having first been established by the
European Council in 1991. The first such event in France, however, was held
much earlier, in 1983, when the Ministry of Culture held the first historical
monument open days.

The Journée du Patrimoine offers people the chance to see
some of the country’s most exciting points of interest, and for some of these
locations, this event is the only opportunity you’ll get up close with them. It
embraces not only history and heritage but also the places which will feature
in the history books of the future. While churches, libraries and historical
monuments, for instance, are sure to be a guaranteed hit with visitors,
contemporary museums, art galleries and parks will also be joining in with the

This year’s theme is heritage and citizenship, with emphasis
being placed on the buildings and locations that helped to cement France as a
republic. Numerous activities will also be held at the locations across France,
from guided walks to exhibitions, workshops and conferences.

Image: Andrew Gustar, available under Creative Commons

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