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why your kids will love a holiday to the french riviera

Nestled on the coastline of the French Riviera, this is a beautiful holiday destination. The glitz and glam of the celebrity hotspot has miles of white sandy beaches and glistening blue oceans of the Mediterranean, proving an enviable backdrop for a luxury holiday. However, a favorite hangout for movie stars, you might be wondering if it’s a suitable holiday destination for kids?
The stretch of coastline at Côte d’Azur was one of the first resort areas to exist. Named in 1887 by Stéphen Liégeard, the azure blue color of the ocean leant itself to the name. To this day, the color of the ocean does not disappoint and is the ideal place to bring children to enjoy a beach holiday. With beaches running along the south-east corner of France all the way up to the Italian border, you’ll be spoiled for choice, too!
There is a wide variety of beaches on the French Riviera due to the geographical location. The scenery that you can experience means that every beach trip is unlike the one before. Kids will love snorkelling in the ocean at La Pointe de l’Aiguille and taking to the waves at Villeneuve-Loubet beach to take part in a favorite seaside activity of Britons, bodyboarding!
Before visiting a beach, it is worth to googling to check whether or not the beach experiences harsh rip currents and whether or not it is pebbly! Also, a quick check in advance can tell you the ability on sunbeds, so that while your young ones are off frolicking in the sea you can work on that all-important tan!
There are many exciting places along the French Riviera that are worth visiting only at certain times of the year. When the Cannes Film Festival is not on, the resort town is quiet and does not offer much in terms of entertainment for children!
Instead, opt for a day trip to Saint-Paul de Vence. Children will love a day trip to the hidden gem of Le Bois Des Lutins, an amusement park spanning over two and a half hectares that the whole family can get involved with. Climb across the nets to one of the many treehouses and get lost looking for hidden fairies. The giant inflatables are sure to keep you amused, and the zip wires provide you with a quick adrenaline rush! Then, when you’re hungry, take a trip to the town and grab a bite to eat at one of the many child-friendly restaurants. The artsy town has many hidden streets for you to explore once your down, and the views that the hilltop village provide are charming.
If you’re looking for an indoor activity, your children are bound to love the Musée Océanographique de Monaco. Looking out across Monaco, the aquarium is the perfect escape for you if the weather is having a down day. The building, which is also home to the Oceanographic Institute, is home to exhibitions and collections of various marine species that are sure to capture your little one’s attention. If the weather is good enough, you could also take a trip down to Monaco and look at some of the supercars that line the streets!
Some of the best family days out are the simple ones though, so why not all of you put on a pair of rollerblades and have a skate along the seafront in Cagnes sur Mer? The perfect smooth pavement of the promenade is ideal, so take an alternative way of transport such as a bike or go-kart and go! The seafront also provides breathtaking views over the bay, and you’ll really appreciate the contrast between the shimmering waters and the built-up seafront.
These are just a few of the things that you and your family can do on a trip to the French Riviera! The coastline is the perfect place for you to escape, so there is no reason why you should not consider it for your next trip! We have an amazing range of family friendly French Riviera villas, so why not take a look!
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