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La Rochelle’s biggest jazz festival, Jazz Between the Two
Towers (Jazz entre les Deux Tours), has returned to the city for 2016, where it
will be entertaining spectators for both free and paid events until October 9.

First established in 1998, the festival is held annually
within the centre of this coastal city, which is the capital of the
Charentes-Maritime department, in venues located between the two towers
guarding the entrance to the port. It attracts musicians known both nationally
and internationally, as well as a select few local artists chosen for their
outstanding talents.

Across the festival’s nine days, visitors can expect performances
by more than a hundred different musicians, who plays in various venues across
the towns. The music spans almost all the different forms of jazz, as well as
related music genres including blues and world music. During the festival, some
venues hold free jam sessions, where people are free to join in and play
together with the true spirit of jazz.

Throughout the festival, it is not only concerts on offer
for visitors to enjoy, but also a myriad of related events. Among the events
people can get involved with are educational activities, photo exhibitions and
a number of conferences.

If you’re looking to indulge yourself in the arts and
culture during your stay at our luxury French villas, Jazz Between the Two
Towers is an event well worth visiting.

Image: Jazz
Entre les Deux Tours

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