Rennes celebrates the accordion with Le Grand Soufflet

27th September, 2016
First staged in 1996, Le Grand Soufflet is a festival which celebrates the music of the accordion, and is held in the Breton city of Rennes and the surrounding region, where youíll find our luxury villas in Brittany, every year.

This yearís event will take place from Thursday October 6 until Saturday October 15, taking in venues as diverse as village halls, market places and cultural centres.

The accordion is a musical instrument which has been long associated with France, with this festival being a proud and bold celebration of the instrumentís contribution to music around the world. More than 12,000 people visit every year, watching musicians and performers play at more than 30 venues.

Though the accordion is a traditional instrument, one of the festivalís main aims is to demonstrate the modernity and diversity of the accordion and how it still helps to create great music today. The variety of music on offer will span all kinds of genre, including folk, jazz, rock and electronic, bringing together talented musicians not only from France but from all over the world, from as far as Argentina, Finland and Madagascar.

The festival seeks to educate visitors about the accordion not only through music but also through a range of other mediums such as film and contemporary dance, offering both historical and artistic insights into the instrument and its role in various cultures.