New section opens at the museum of Leonardo da Vinci

29th September, 2016
Vinci is one of the most famous villages in Tuscany due to its reputation as the birthplace of legendary artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, and is even home to a museum celebrating his works and ideas.

Known as the Museo Leonardino di Vinci, the museum is already a hit with visitors, but will be expanding on October 22, when a new section titled ‘Leonardo and Anatomy’ is set to open.

The new exhibition is set to be a welcome addition to the wealth of artefacts and exhibits already on display, focusing on da Vinci’s scientific studies of anatomy. It seeks to educate both adults and children on the thinker’s fascination with the human body through a range of hands-on and informative activities and thematic tours.

A perfect day trip for those staying in our Florence and Siena villas, the museum also has a range of other great attractions which entertain the whole family, including interactive children’s books, full-scale reproductions of da Vinci’s paintings and digital reconstructions based on his ideas for machines. On select Sundays, the museum also hosts the Domenica Leonardiana event, which encourages children to think like an artist, engineer or scientist through a variety of fun activities.

Image: Huw, available under Creative Commons