London to Bordeaux in four hours could be possible with new Eurostar plans

21st March, 2016
The chief executive of the Eurostar rail service, which connects the UK to mainland Europe, confirmed recently that it was looking into a route which could connect London and Bordeaux, the famous wine region located in the south-west of France.

The service would plan to make use of the new £6.1 billion line announced between Bordeaux and Tours, which is due to be completed next year. Nicola Petrovic, the company’s chief executive, said that Eurostar had big plans to expand with hopes for a strong 2016, and so far have introduced larger trains as well as free WiFi and around 300 movies available to watch on board.

Speaking to The Times, Petrovic said: “There is nothing decided at the moment beyond Amsterdam, but we are looking at opportunities maybe in Bordeaux because there is a new high-speed line opening in 2017.” The move comes as Eurostar hope to turn around their fortunes, following an unfortunate 2015, when passenger numbers flatlined and millions had to be paid out in compensation due to delays.

Opening up the Eurostar line to Bordeaux would mean that an even larger area of France is accessible by high-speed rail, and could even pave the way for more possibilities in future – one day, even our villas in Languedoc could possibly be reached directly from London via high-speed rail!

Image: Ed Clayton, available under Creative Commons