The Luberon: one of the most beautiful regions in France

26th August, 2016
The Luberon is a distinctive region of Provence, and one of the most beautiful areas of France, known for its wild natural beauty. While the major towns of Provence such as Arles, Avignon and Aix-en-Provence are less than an hour away, the Luberon itself is a quiet landscape where the locals live in scenic, historic hilltop villages.

While the mountains of the Luberon, which have helped the area to be crowned as a National Park, characterise much of the landscape, the Luberon really stands out in that much of the landscape features ochre. Ochre is a natural orange-coloured pigment which you can find today adding colour and brightness to many of the traditional houses, as well as on bold and distinctive cliffs and rock faces. In the village of Roussillon in particular, you’ll witness the spectacular sight of the buildings seemingly blending into their ochre surroundings.

Many of the villages in the Luberon have been described as some of the most beautiful in France, such as Gordes, Bonnieux and Lourmarin. They paint an idyllic picture of Provence, characterised by drystone walls, terraced fields, and shaded squares with fountains and café terraces, and surrounded by vineyards and fruit orchards.

During the summer especially the region also comes alive with traditional events. Most of the villages will hold a regular Provencal market, while outdoor concerts, operas and theatre performances make for nights to remember. However you decide to spend your time at our villas in Provence, you’ll find that visiting the Luberon region is an unmissable experience and that it is truly different to anywhere else in France.

Image: Salva Barbera, available under Creative Commons