Lucca hosts event dedicated to high-quality extra-virgin olive oils

29th July, 2016
After the success of its inaugural event last year, the city of Lucca in Tuscany recently hosted the second Extra Lucca Summer Edition. Dedicated to showcasing only the best extra-virgin olive oils, the event is a spinoff of Extra Lucca, and is held in the distinctive ancient Roman forum.

As many as 24 manufacturers of olive oil gathered in the Forum every day after the event launched on July 1 showcasing their produce, while experts also gathered to give presentations and offer olive oil tastings. Presentations were given daily not only in Italian but also in English, enabling visitors to Tuscany to discover more about one of Italy’s most famous exports. Demonstrating the variety and quality of the cultivars, exhibitors came from all over Italy, showcasing acclaimed varieties of olives including Ottobratica and Coratina.

Creator of the event Fausto Borella, who is also the president of the Maestrod’olio Academy, said: “We want to emphasize the true and genuine quality EVOOs rewarded with the Crowns of Maestrod’olio in our guide Terred’Olio 2016, in combination with some typical excellences of the region.”
He added that his event would hopefully make more people aware of the differences between a low-quality and a high-quality olive oil.

 As well as the Maestrod’olio Academy, several other businesses and organisations within the local agri-food industry also joined in with the event. Among these are the Marovelli cheese factory, water producer Acqua Silva, craft brewery Birroir and Cremeria Opera, who produce ice cream using extra virgin olive oil.

 Alongside the tasting events, there were also gym classes on offer to help promote healthy habits, while the sound of Giacomo Puccini and his compositions continued to resonate throughout the gallery.

According to Borella, more than 5000 people visited the event. He commented: “It is priceless to see the expression on the faces of hundreds of tourists arrived in the city, after the tasting of excellent extra virgin olive oils present at ExtraLucca Summer Edition.”

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Image: Oregon State University, available under Creative Commons