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marathon du medoc

Self-described as the world’s longest marathon (relating to
time rather than distance), the Marathon du Medoc is a race with a
quintessentially French twist. As the runners make their way around the course,
they are offered a variety of gourmet food and wine, easing them through their
gruelling run to the finish line.

Taking place this year on September 10, the Marathon du
Medoc is based in the town of Pauillac, located near Bordeaux in south-west
France. More than 10,000 participants run the marathon every year, with around
40,000 people rejected annually, such is the event’s popularity.

Like with many other marathons, several of the runners don
colourful or amusing costumes to help entertain the crowds of spectators who
line the route cheering them on throughout the 26 mile circuit. Along the way,
the much-anticipated pit stops offer all kinds of French delicacies ranging
from sea food to ice cream, all washed down with numerous glasses of fine wine.

Although the food and wine refuels the runners, it can also
make them feel a little sluggish, which explains the generous six and a half
hours given to participants to complete the race. Many of the runners come not
to set a lightning-fast time but to enjoy the experience and a truly unique
running race.

If you’ve never thought of running a marathon before, maybe
the Marathon du Medoc has changed your mind? You can also opt to avoid the
running and simply enjoy the delicious food and wine on offer by in the
surrounding Bordeaux region by booking one of our luxury French
chateau holidays

Image: Kinolamp, available under Creative Commons

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