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meteor shower

Hundreds of people from across southern France reported a
surprise display of beams of light resembling ‘balls of fire’ on Wednesday
evening. The shower of lights was definitely unexpected, as many
wondered whether the lights came from burning aircraft, though they were soon
assured it was a meteorite shower.

At around 6pm on Wednesday, people began to
catch their first glimpses of a fireball passing through the sky, with regional
newspaper Dauphine Libere saying hundreds of eyewitnesses had got into contact
with them shortly afterwards.

Among the descriptions of the light seen in the sky were a
“green ball with a trail” and a “white ball that exploded followed by a long
trail of fire”, with one person living in the Alps saying the light “passed
pretty low and horizontally and was a big ball of green fire”.

After the sightings, three meteorites were found to have
made impact with the ground in the Isere department, without having caused any
damage. The exact locations where they impacted have yet to be identified,
though one has been found near Vercors Autrans, another near Gieres and another
near Saint-Vincent-de-Mercuze.

If you spot some dazzling meteorites lighting up the sky
during your stay at our villas in France, whether you’re at our Provence or
Cannes villas, be sure to let us know via social media!

Image: Taco
, available under Creative Commons

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