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First created in 1911, the Monte-Carlo Rally will return as
the first round of the FIA World Rally Championship 2016 from January 18-24.

Since becoming a part of the World Rally Championship in
1973, the Monte-Carlo Rally has attracted several audacious competitors,
including non-professional amateurs, though the rally is still recognised as an
excellent event featuring some world-class drivers and vehicles.

The course passes not only through Monaco, but in fact
begins in France, crossing through the Ardeche, the Haute-Loire, the Drome, the
Vercors and Alpes-Maritimes, winding up in Monte Carlo, where the prizes are
awarded at the Prince?s Palace on the famous Rock of Monaco. Altogether, the
course has a total of 465km of various timed stages, taking in several
different kinds of terrain on difficult and rugged roads. Thousands of
spectators line the roads, hoping to see the cars in action; so many in fact
attended in 2013, that certain stages of the course were cancelled where there
were too many spectators, for fears that the vehicles taking part could not
safely pass.

Over the years, the Monte-Carlo Rally has become a legendary
event, and is televised internationally, generating even more passion for the
sport, the course, and the countries of France and Monaco. Among the top
drivers who have competed over the years are Sebastian Loeb, a record-breaking
9-time world champion and 7-time victor of the Monte-Carlo Rally, along with
Daniel Sordo and Sebastian Ogier among others.

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Image: Aurelien
, available under Creative Commons

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