Sample Tuscany’s finest wines at the Chianti wine festival in Montespertoli

31st May, 2016
Between May 28 and June 4 is one of the many wine festivals that takes place in the famous wine region of Chianti in Tuscany, the wine festival of Montespertoli.  

Alongside the Greve wine festival, which takes place in September, the Montespertoli festival is one of the main wine-related events, with the difference between the two being that each festival showcases wines from different areas of the Chianti appellation. While the Greve festival is devoted solely to Chianti Classico, the Montespertoli festival covers three varieties: Chianti, Chianti Montespertoli and Chianti Colli Fiorentini.

Along with the large selection of wines on offer in the stalls, tastings and tours, there’s a host of entertainment on offer that goes on well into the night. Among the highlights will be a procession through the town where the locals will dress up in traditional 19th century costumes and oxen pull carts filled with wine, as well as a variety of street musicians, costumed bands, street actors and Tuscan flag throwers. As the night draws in, the entertainment begins to head indoors, and several more bottles of wine are uncorked.

The event takes place just a short distance from our Chianti villas, and the town is also easily reached by public transport from the popular city of Florence.